Mama wants her groove back: a five step plan to find your mojo again

Mama wants her groove back: a five step plan to get you there

We all have the months we look forward to all year long. For me spring is – hands down – my best season, and I look forward to March, April, and May beginning sometime in late autumn. October is pretty dialed in around here, too. (November, not so much.)

But June and July. What is up with June and July for me?

Since we moved to the farm I have yet to have anything that resembles a groove during these months. Chaos reigns as my garden explodes into an impenetrable jungle, my house explodes into an impenetrable mess, and my calender blows up. June and July! Holy smokes.

But this week, now 95% back from my three week poison ivy immersion therapy, I'm hungering to find my groove again.

I want to wake early and claim that magical sliver of misty morning for myself once more.

I want to write again.

I want to have a meal plan taped to the fridge and do prep work the night before.

I want my floors to feel less… earthy. (That's a friendly word for filthy.)

I want my home to be a reflection of my heart.

I want to have my camera around my neck often, and notice the abundant beauty that surrounds me.

I want to spend more time focused only on my husband, only on my children, or only on my own dreams and passions and goals.

Instead, I'm staying up a bit too late doing I-don't-know-what, then sleeping later in the morning.

I'm wondering what to make for dinner each night an hour after I should have had it on the table.

I'm stunned by the messes that we create and watch, horrified, as they expand to fit the space we have.

And mostly I'm forgetting to pause to notice the beauty that is my life.

And so I'm making a plan. A plan to get my groove back! No matter what the season.

Because July won't stop being a wildly full month with gardening and canning and haying and the rest, but how I approach it can make all the difference in how I feel come August.

Mama wants her groove back: a five-step plan to get you there

How to Get Your Groove Back

A five-step plan to finding your mojo again


1. Vision

I will hold a vision for how I want my life to unfold. What do I want more of? (What do I want less of?)

Today I crave a life with more quiet time, more order, more rhythm, more creativity, more joy. I envision my home more ordered, more simple, more beautiful.

Mama wants her groove back: a five-step plan to get you there

2. Acceptance & Gratitude

I will accept and embrace where I am today without self-criticism. This is my starting point, not my forever point.

Sure, our house is a disaster. But beating myself up about it (or stressing out on my kids) will fix nothing and only dig us deeper into where we are right now. After all – what we focus on expands.

Instead I will reach for gratitude and know that every mess we make means learning, life, and love happen here. A full day with a late dinner was still a day full of good work and good people. For that I am so grateful.

And I will keep perspective that my small struggles are small indeed.

Mama wants her groove back: a five-step plan to get you there

3. Prioritize

I know that I can't do it all, so I will prioritize my goals for what I choose to change.

What transformations matter most? Is is meal planning or house keeping? Organizing and painting a room or making time in my day to write? Pick one or two goals as your starting point and save the rest for later.

Writing down goals can help us manifest them more quickly. Write down what your priorities are to keep you inspired and on-track.

4. Take small steps

I will dig in and start making small changes. No shift is insignificant! Picking up clutter when you cross a room, setting a timer for five minutes of work on a task you want to complete – these seemingly insignificant efforts do add up.

When these small changes take root I will add additional steps to take me closer to the place I want to be.

Because small steps can take us anywhere.

5. Allow the back-slide

Don't freak out when you fall off the wagon. There will be days your house degrades into chaos or days don't cook dinner on time. Go with the flow. You're human. Get on with it and make some popcorn for dinner.

For me that means accepting the collassal mess that is my mudroom for today and staying focused on what's on my to-do list for Thursday. I know I'll get there, so I'm okay with the living, imperfect process of our life.

Mama wants her groove back: a five-step plan to get you there

And then… repeat.

After making small change in one area of your life, apply the same plan to others.

Soon changes will take root in all areas of your life and you – like me! – will have your groove back.


So. Who's with me on this? It's time we get our groove back. Right. Now.

Are you in?

13 thoughts on “Mama wants her groove back: a five step plan to find your mojo again

  1. Anita says:

    Thank you for this. Just what I needed. Wonderful description of what is going on in my life and home. Small steps change the world. A little at a time, a bit today, a little tomorrow…a whole heap by the end of the week.

    I’m going to keep this open on my computer to read again and again throughout my day. I need reminding.

    Thanks again and I’m so happy you are almost healed up.

  2. Carlin says:

    I love this, you described our house exactly 🙂 Although I’m okay with the deciding the meal for dinner almost as it is happening, I am craving less earthiness on the floor and more mess containment too. And more simple and beautiful. Glad you are feeling better after your poison ivy run in.

  3. Knitting Mole says:

    The house is clean (thanks to the hubby), but my oh my I’m right in the same boat with figuring out dinner an hour after we should have eaten it! And my body is not liking me for all the quickie meals (not to mention I’m 5 weeks into a CSA share which I have used almost NONE of!) Shameful.

  4. Julia says:

    Yes, I am definitely in! And will pass this on to some of my friends – starting something new and knowing that you are not alone is great!

  5. Grace says:

    Thank you for this! I’ve been laying awake in bed at night trying to figure out how to make it all work again. I really like this line: ” I’m okay with the living, imperfect process of our life.” I need to post it somewhere 🙂 If anyone has any tips for getting over feeling resentful about the daily to-do list (and the even longer “someday I’ll have time to do it” list) I think I need that article, too!

  6. Frau Kirschkernzeit says:

    It’s funny to read this post now- in Dezember! 😉 But I have to say; this July was truely a weird one, for me too.
    What a joy to read your decemberposts- so full of beauty and sweetness and in balance.
    Have a good wintertime now!
    Bora from Switzerland

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