I'm not sure how it happened, but somehow this guy is thirteen today.

Thirteen! I can hardly remember what our life looked like before he arrived.

And while every birthday is a reason to celebrate, this one feels significant. A teenager. The world opening before him.

Sage, you have been one of my greatest teachers since the day you were born. I am constantly inspired by your authenticity, your mind, and sensitive spirit and your wide open heart. Thank you for choosing us to be your family and for all that you have taught me.

We love you so, so much.

Happy birthday!






One thought on “Thirteen

  1. Kyla Tully says:

    I just wanted to mention that whenever I see any of your clan around town (or the internet for that matter) I always think of you as “the sasser family” This comes from when I happened to be in a section of the co-op where Sage (maybe 4 years old at the time?) had witnessed someone remove a single stick of butter from the cooler and cried loudly “That lady is being a sasser!”. It was then explained that everything was fine, they did in fact sell individual sticks of butter. It remains my most memorable co-op experience – and now that was almost a decade ago!

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