Seven blessings








At the moment I have oodles of half-written posts for you.

So. Many. Posts.

The Lazy Girl's Tomato Sauce recipe, a couple of Wonderfully Wilds, some parenting posts and lots about our farm and homeschooling journey. Ten at least, probably more.

But alas, they are only half-done.

The backstory is that when I have Lyme disease I can't write to save my life.

I come up with plenty of delicious ideas, but they're hard to proof read when my brain jumbles up the words (think "chicken throats" versus "chicken thighs").

So I'm being patient and taking things slow.

In time. It will come.

And so today instead I am turning to gratitude. Because despite illness, despite word-finding troubles, despite the disaster that is my kitchen we are more than blessed.

I am thankful this morning for:

1. the happy mess that is my kitchen and the abundance of it all;

2. the organic apple orchard just a stone's throw from my house (how lucky can one girl be?);

3. Sage spending his day yesterday picking apples and then making a pie for our homeschool potluck last night (here's to interest-led learning!);

4. our incredible freedom in making choices for our children's education;

5. the beautiful evening we spent on a friend's farm celebrating our homeschooling community;

6. the honest work of putting up hay;

and 7. Pete feeling a bit more like himself today.

We are rich beyond measure.

What are you thankful for today?


4 thoughts on “Seven blessings

  1. Sugar Creek Farm says:

    This morning I simply woke up and said, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” 3 times, slow, before I got out of bed. And that simple mantra sure got me started with a positive attitude and sense of peace. This probably needs to be my daily thing 🙂

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