Thank you, thank you, thank you: beginning the day with gratitude

Thank you: beginning the day with gratitude

Thank you: beginning the day with gratitude

Thank you: beginning the day with gratitude

Thank you: beginning the day with gratitude

Sometimes what we struggle with is most deeply intertwined with what we are most grateful for.

Because they are the things most firmly rooted in our hearts.

Our greatest gifts are often also our greatest frustrations.

We are annoyed with our children, our partner, our parents – yet they mean the world to us. We are frustrated with our job, yet grateful for the money it provides. We are disappointed with our bodies, yet blessed by the gift of our lives, day after day after day. Yet often the negative wins.

We are not immune to struggle here.

Yesterday one of my crew was frustrated with the process of dragging hoses around the farm to water animals. It's hard. It's grumpy-making. I've been there. But for some reason yesterday, when the complaint bubbled up, I heard a whispered voice in my mind say, "I am so thankful for clean, fresh water."

I pictured us hauling water from the spring 1/2 mile away. Or worse, not at all. I pictured my family, like most of the world, without clean fresh water for our family to drink – never mind our animals.

And that small expression of frustration reminded me of how rich we truly are.


So while I feel it is important to acknowledge what is not working, I feel it is just as important to notice what is.

They are almost always found together – your frustration with your gift, walking hand in hand. They are intertwined.


This morning, reader Kelli's words came to me as I woke. On one of my recent posts she commented:

"This morning I simply woke up and said, 'Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.' […] before I got out of bed. And that simple mantra sure got me started with a positive attitude and sense of peace."

Yes. That's it exactly. And so I joined her.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.


As I rose to a quiet house and a pink sunrise.

Thank you.


For a cool night and warm blankets. Thank you.

For the safety of my family in an uncertain world. Thank you.

For the soft pink light upon these hills, and that I may call this place home. Thank you.


For kindness, abundance, and health. For food in our garden and food in our fridge.

For connection, community, and the quiet darkness where we dream.

Thank you.


Even thought sometimes it's hard.


Frustration and gift, hand in hand. Always.

May I see the richness before me today.


Though money is tight, our needs are all met. Thank you.

Though tempers may flare, we are bundled in love. Thank you.

Though our days are rarely smooth, we are on the bumpy ride together.

Thank you.


For every gift that passes through my hands each and every day.

Thank you.


Will you join me here?





3 thoughts on “Thank you, thank you, thank you: beginning the day with gratitude

  1. Farhana says:

    Why Thank You!

    I have been reading your blog for a while now, through three moves and now we are in California. I hope you can visit us some day :).


  2. Morgan says:

    Though I am tired, our twins are exclusively breastfed and both healthy and strong. Thank you.

    Though I get lonely for adult interaction, I am blessed to spend my days with three of my favorite souls – my daughters. Thank you.

    Though money is tight, our needs are met and our home is a place brimming with love. Thank you.

    Though my partner works long hours, when we are together as a family we share much laughter and warmth. Thank you.

    Though I do not hear from my family of origin and get emotional support or recognition, specifically my father, I am proud of who I am – as a woman, mother, and human – through and through. Thank you.

    Though others don’t understand me, I accept and embrace myself daily. Thank you.

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