Green Mountain Spinnery in Vermont










Before we left Wisconsin I loaded up two ridiculously large bundles to deliver along the way. A giant tote of sheepskins to drop at Vermont Natural Tannery, and three huge bags of sheep's wool to have spun by the lovely folks at Green Mountain Spinnery.

After a few days on the road we were looking forward to dropping off our deliveries, as the camper is small without these additions, and things were smelling a little wooly in there. Yes indeed!

As a spinner, knitter, and lover-of-all-things-wool, Green Mountain Spinnery was a treasure to behold. While I am still playing around with my spinning wheel, I'm very much a newbie and my yarn is still more thick-and-thin than I intend. It's looking ever so hand-spun (which could be good or bad, depending on the project).

Often though I want a more predictable yarn to knit with. And having it spun from our own fiber? Well, that's why we got sheep in the first place! My own yarn is just what I've been waiting for.

So I set aside some wool to continue to play with at home, but the rest we brought here. Within a few months I'll receive a delivery of 25 pounds of beautiful, uniform, off-white yarn to dye, to share, and knit up into projects of all sorts. Oh, I can't wait!

Twenty-five pounds. What was I thinking?

It's time to dig into our natural dyes book, that much is certain!



4 thoughts on “Green Mountain Spinnery in Vermont

  1. Amber Paris says:

    you went to Green Mountain Spinnery! This is my town 😉
    Hope you enjoyed your visit- it’s a wonderful place run by lovely people!!

  2. Jeanette says:

    How neat to be able to see the process! To be able to see it go from sheep to roving to dying and then onto needles. how lucky you are! Glad you could go and glad your now home safe. what an amazing trip.

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