Our first days back

















Being home, at long last, has been so good. Within a day of our return I found myself busily planning our fall and winter homeschooling season, plotting out new garden beds, making meal plans, and dreaming big dreams for all that we want to do around here.


Where Pete was waiting for us, where our quiet valley wrapped around us like warm, embracing arms, and where all of the comforts of our cozy little farmhouse were waiting to welcome us back. Spending the night indoors for the first time in a month we slept in late, then quickly dove back into all that we had missed while on the road.

We milked the goat; checked on the chickens, ducks, and quail; moved the sheep to a fresh pastures; delighted in it all. We lingered outside in the crisp October sunshine. We talked of plans for garlic, bonfires, and winter shelters.

Then I prepared pokeweed dye from some berries we had picked on our route home and dug horseradish and elecampane. We set to work making medicines and condiments for the coming season. I cast on a new knitting project. All of it was lovely.

It was one of those perfect days that just kept unfolding as though it would never end.

Before dinner time we drove to Turkey Ridge, the nearby organic orchard and picked all the apples we could fit in the Beetle. Since apple season is winding down they wouldn't charge us for anything, yet we're set for pies and sauces now for winter and beyond. Kindness abounds! We are thankful.

We drove home and – yes, of course – we made apple crisp for dinner.

Because how could we not? We were home. And really, it feels so good.

4 thoughts on “Our first days back

  1. Genie says:

    Pokeweed! It used to grow all around the barnyard of my youth and I’m so surprised not to see it all over the place here as well. What are your plans for it—wool dye? Can’t wait to see you all.

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Yes! I’m surprised to not see it this far north as well. I am considering trying to cultivate a plant or two for future dye batches. (I’ll be dying some of the wool I dropped off in Vermont for spinning. Excited!) The kids are looking forward to seeing your crew today, BTW. x

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