A fountain of kindness

The world needs more kindness

The world needs more kindness

The world needs more kindness

The world needs more kindness

The world needs more kindness

The world needs more kindness

When a friend lost her house in a fire Lupine spent two days collecting things of her own to give to this child who had lost so much.

She sewed a dress for a doll she loved but could part with and gave them with her friend, heart wide open.

There was no feeling of lack, no thoughts that she should keep all she could for herself.

Just boxes filled with love. She felt only abundance, generosity, and the desire to ease another's pain.

What a world we would live in if we all had such wide open hearts.

And it has me thinking. Perhaps it is among our most important work as parents to raise children who lead with love and see so easily the power that they have to heal the world.


Let us raise our children to be kind, caring, and compassionate.

Let us raise them to be healers.

Because we need more kindness right now. More gentle compassion for all.


Perhaps it starts when our children witness us mending what is broken.

Like hearts and connection and this small and fragile earth.

Let them see us taking care of things that matter. Like relationships. Like humanity. Like our world.


Let us lead by example, in small ways and in large. By giving, nourishing, caring, and protecting. By helping the small be heard and standing up for what is right. By owning our mistakes and giving ourselves permission to grow.

Because you have the power to begin the healing. You can do something. Right now.


Become a fountain of kindness.

Kindness toward yourself, your children, your partner.

Through the daily work of patience, acceptance, and your unstoppable love.

Kindness toward people who look or speak or worship differently than you.

By seeing all that connects us – not all that divides us – and becoming a voice of reason and compassion in your community and our world.

From a worm on the sidewalk to the whole of the Earth, let kindness be your mantra and let your child become your witness.


Because the world doesn't need more heroes. Our safety is not found in still more bullets. Our safety is not found in barring the door.

It is time to shine our light into the darkness. To open wide the doors to understanding. To scratch and claw our way back from this dark abyss of fear and return to the safe, warm nest of love.

Indeed, only that will heal us.


Let's raise our children to have the courage to do what is good and gentle and kind with their time in this world.

And let us have the courage to do the same.



9 thoughts on “A fountain of kindness

  1. Xuân-Minh says:

    This gave me goosebumps. Your words always speak to some inner part of me that I don’t dare let out – yet. I realize, the time is NOW. Thank you Rachel, for being and living and sharing and shining your light. You and your family are a huge inspiration to my soul. With love and gratitude from Switzerland, Xuân-Minh

  2. Shell ~ says:

    ~ Beautiful * heartwarming *
    Lupine’s genuine smile says it all, holding the beloved gifted dolly.
    Thank you for your wise words Rachel.
    Shell ~

  3. Shell ~ says:

    ~ hi Rachel,

    Please see an email I just wrote you,(in your About replies)
    I would like to be a *Knit * Fairy* for the family who had the house fire.
    Shell ~

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