Elf slippers





I set out in January with resolve to finish what I've started, whatever that may be. From digging in on writing my book book to cleaning out my sewing room, this was the year of completion. And that challenge included all half done, languishing knitting projects.

I gave myself an ultimatum to either rip out or cast off all abandoned knitting. This year.

Yes, even my enormous elf slippers.

I'm not sure when I cast these on but I'm positive I've been without proper slippers since my last pair fell apart in the spring. So likely they've been occupying a set of my biggest knitting needles since this time last winter.

And it was time. They were almost done after all – I'm not even sure what slowed me down. (Oh, yes. Stripes and short rows. That was it. And the distraction of casting other things on since the second anything – sock, slipper, mitten – is always a bit of a bore.

So I found my pattern a week or two ago and sat down to finish these one and for all. Besides – my feet were cold!

I cut a few corners on the second slipper (they're slippers after all) and stopped fussing with trying to make the stripes even. And poof! Just like that they were ready for felting. The first one has perfect stripes on the top and bottom, the second only on the top. And really, I don't care in the least. Because they're done!

So off of my needles and into the washer they went. An hour later they were drying by the fire. They're still big (I wear a women's 11 after all) but no longer a foot and a half long. They are thick and cozy and wooly and wonderful.

I've barely taken them off since they dried. (Indeed, if I leave them on and wear Pete's boots instead of my own I can even run outside without taking them off. Winning!)

An hour, maybe two of knitting, then felting was all it took. What on earth was I waiting for?




Now my feet are warm, and I'm guaranteed to not take myself too seriously.

And just like that I checked one more project off of my list!



You can find the project and a link to the pattern here, on Ravelry.


6 thoughts on “Elf slippers

  1. Kristina says:

    “Indeed, if I leave them on and wear Pete’s boots instead of my own I can even run outside without taking them off. Winning!”

    This is what I think every time I leave my slippers on and put on my husband’s boots. Yay for husbands with bigger feet!

  2. MamaAshGrove says:

    I have made these for my two younger boys. . . and have been thinking of making a pair for the baby too. I love them for grown ups. . . why didn’t I think of making ME some? Yours are perfect. Are they slippery to walk in?

  3. Shell ~ says:

    ~ The Shoemaker & the Elves are smiling !! ~
    What a perfect feet-warming Winter project !
    Thanks for sharing the idea, even my cat wants some now ! meow.
    Shell ~

  4. Terri says:

    were these hard to make? I have done a few projects and read through the instructions and it sounds a little complicated but sometimes when you are in the mist of a project it all comes together. how was this one?

  5. Rachel Wolf says:

    I don’t find them slippery at all, though I’m contemplating coating the soles with that tool handle dip stuff from the hardware store to extend their life. Otherwise I’ll wear through them in a season.

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