Farm chore mitts

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I know. I know. More knitting.

But since you all liked the homegrown shawl so much I thought I'd share another project that just came off the needles.

I've had a string of more complicated projects in my knitting basket for the past year or more. Lots of cables, lace, and complicated "no-one-talk-to-me-or-I'll-lose-my-place" kind of work. I needed a "talking project" for my birthday weekend. Something that requires no pattern or little attention to it. So I spent a night wandering around on Ravelry looking for something to knit. When we left for our overnight I grabbed this yarn and a set of DPNs as we set off for the woods.

And thus the farm chores mitts were born.

I picked the lovely yarn up at Green Mountain Spinnery last fall, and loosely based my knitting off of Pinecrest. (Without, um, following the pattern. Because: talking.)

And since we're having another cold snap here in Wisconsin they've been in use everyday since I cast them off.

The truth is, I'd like to spend more time gutting and downsizing every room in my house. Or cleaning. And planting my garden. But here I am, knitting. It's my simplicity and garden avoidance plan. It's working.

What's on your project list this week?



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