Nine babies








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This is the time of year when we get lots of phone calls from friends wanting to pop by for a visit. Of course! After all, we have a barn-full of babies!

Clover and Violet.


Jupiter and Venus.

Pickle and Jewel.

Quinoa and Millet.

Nine lambs – four boys and five girls. Seven white, one black, and one, well, Holstein.

Pickle, the dairy cow look-alike, is rather hard to explain. Honestly, this little guy has the wildest markings we have ever seen! A white Merino father, white Corriedale mother, black and white polka-dot lamb. Um… I'm not sure what happened there, but I love it.

He hard not to fall in love with, silly guy.

And now the fun begins! Later this week we'll open up some fresh green pastures, and set these babies (and their mamas) out to romp, run, and enjoy the lushness of spring. I can hardly wait.

4 thoughts on “Nine babies

  1. Jennifer says:

    Growing up, we often had to travel to the next town over and in spring this became a stop and start progression. We had to ohh and ahh and laugh at every little group of lambs romping around. Luckily, we lived on small country roads with not much traffic….Enjoy your babies.

  2. Terri says:

    Enjoying your posts as our 1/2 East Friesian ewes just gave birth. Your lambs look a lot like ours (except for your black and white guy…so cool!) We ended with 4 girls, 2 boys…are your all for milking or do you do some meat as well?

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