Other than lambs

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I keep trying (really trying!) to write about something other than lambs. Like the bubbling kraut on my kitchen counter, the shawl I just blocked, or the kitchen reboot that's going on.

Or maybe the foraging that the kids and I have been doing (ground nuts, daylillies, and parsnips to name a few favorites), or the obscene amount of ghee I made last week. So many options.

There's more going on than lambs over here. I swear.


Really. It just can't compete with this.

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It can't.

Indeed, springtime is when our friends seem to come out of the woodwork wanting to drop by for a visit. And I assure you they're not here to see my sauerkraut.

And so, my friends, I cave. I surrender! And I give you: more lambs. (I'm sorry/you're welcome.)


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But don't fret. Because in the next few days I'll mix it up a little.

(Because we have goat kids on the way!)

That's what I'm talking about. Variety.


8 thoughts on “Other than lambs

  1. Jeanette says:

    Love it! I feel like thats all I’ve talked about for the past two months….goat babies. Ha! Love the wittle butt pics of your lamb babies. priceless. I just lacto fermented my very first time. Have you thought of doing a blog post about that topic? Or have you already? I’d love to see how you do it and what your favorites are. Oh…and does your kraut turn brown on the top sometimes? Mine does :/

  2. Amy DelaTerre says:

    Those lambs are so freaking adorable, how can you even stand it?!?! I would just lamb-gaze all day if I had such cuteness in my backyard! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Kay says:

    NO no no no no no
    You can talk about the lambs all you want….they bring such joy just to see the photos……so darn cute!
    But of course the goats will be just as cute….so you can talk about them too

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