Those days

We all have those days now and again.

You know the type. An off day. A "bad" day. A nothing's-going-my-way day.

To use a farm metaphor those days begin with manure in the milk pail and end with a herd of naughty goats jumping the pasture fence.

Yesterday was that day over here – both literally and figuratively. By the end of the day I was cranky, overstimulated, and just done. Even my dreams were restless.

But I woke this morning to a gentle rain on the pasture and another chance at clean, sweet milk.

Literally and figuratively.

So I put on my boots and headed to the barn.





Thankfully the goat didn't kick this morning.

Thankfully the milk was abundant and clean.

Thankfully the air was cool on my skin and the mist was thick on the hills. I paused, inhaled, found my center again.


Thankfully things fell into place this morning, if only for a moment.


And as I carried the pail of fresh sweet milk into the kitchen and strained it – still warm – straight into my coffee cup I felt gratitude. I felt blessed – even if I am still a little off my game.

I felt thankful for small everyday blessings.


Each day is another chance. A fresh start. No matter what yesterday delivered.

And with luck, my friend, today there will be no manure in your milk pail.

(At least that's the way it went here. Thank goodness.)




3 thoughts on “Those days

  1. Donna says:

    Oh my gosh! You totally described my day today. Cold and foggy for the fourth day in a row in northern WI. Anything that could go wrong…did! Here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow!

  2. Megan says:

    Ah Nubian milk. So rich and creamy and frothy. So worth it, even with a kicky mama. I miss it so much. I like your super fancy pricey “milk strainer” though. 😉 Very high tech. Looks like mine did.

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