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Our friends Kelly and Ray came out recently to take photographs of our farm, family, and business for their blog. They share occasional stories on their blog of local artists and makers and asked to feature LüSa Organics, our family, and our process.

And looking through their stunning photographs (the out-takes in particular) I couldn't help but notice one dominant theme: so much laughter. 

Okay, mostly I'm the one laughing, but the rest of my family is doing it, too.

I swear.








And I found myself smiling just looking at them. And the gift of these photographs helped me realize something I hadn't put to words before: that joy is our baseline.

Our life is far from perfect yet at it's center is love and happiness.

If you're going to disrupt a photo shoot, laughter is pretty much the most fun option on the table.

Don't get me wrong. We complain and whine and bicker with the best of them. We worry and argue and resent our work at times. We could stand for more money, more showers, and more time to work on our scruffy, neglected house. Oh, and health insurance would be nice, too. (You get the idea.)


But at the heart of who we are is this. Joy, gratitude, and love.

Laughter as our family mantra? I'll take it.


These are mostly Ray + Kelly's outtakes. You can see the good ones (and read the interview) here. They tell our story so well through pictures of farm, family, and business. I promise it's worth your while! 


3 thoughts on “Family and laughter

  1. karenh says:

    Beautiful! Absolutely, sharing laughter and bonding like that is ultimately what makes people stay happily together and grow, grow, grow. That, and respect! :):) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shell ~ says:

    ~ joy * joy * silly * silliness * ~
    these are so much fun!!!!!
    …. made me laugh seeing your heartfelt expressions. love abounds.
    be silly. pass it on.

    Shell ~

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