Slumber party for two







On a whim Lupine and I threw pajamas, toothbrushes, tea, and books into a bag. We were having a slumber party. On a week night. Just because.

While we packed, Pete drove the camper as far from the house as he could (nearly into the sheep pasture) and she and I set off into the darkness at bedtime.

There was the threat of rain in the air and our only light was from the moon and the fireflies along our path. We giggled together in the darkness as we found our way to the camper. A barred owl hooted in the forest as Grandpa (the flock guard dog) gave a bark from somewhere near the creek.

And we settled in for the night. Just the two of us.

Taking time to be alone with my children is a treasure. Whether it's a trip to town to run errands with one or a walk in the woods with another, these rare one-on-one moments are a gift. And while I know it's a treat for them to have my undivided attention I think it's even more of a treat for me.

Because time is moving quickly. More quickly every day. And yes, it's cliche – I know. But childhood is slipping through my fingers. My babies are 9 and almost 14. I blink and they'll be grown.


And so I'll put down my distractions and focus only on you – on us – for one delightful moment.


In the morning we woke to the sound of the red-winged blackbirds outside our windows.

We drank our tea, laughed some more, told stories, then visited the sheep before we headed home for breakfast. We weren't gone for more than a few hours beyond sleep, but those few hours were lovely indeed.










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  1. Catherine Forest says:

    Oh Rachel! You do this mothering thing so well (and just like any of us, you have your hard days, I know). You are an inspiration! Thank you for all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful!

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