To the fair

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It's true. I sort of hate the fair.

As a highly sensitive person (and a cheapskate budget conscious mama) it's just a little hard for me. 

The food! The lights! The noise! The $20 for five minutes on the bumper cars! It's all a bit much.

And a shout-out to all you parents of kids with food sensitivities. Because the fair can sometimes be a downer for them, too.

But don't revoke my Nice Mama membership card just yet. Because I did go. (And yes, managed to keep my grumbling to a minimum.) I even enjoyed our five minutes of bumper car madness as well as seeing lots of friends we don't often bump into (no pun intended).

I snapped a few photos of the fair that, looking back today, make me wonder why I hate it so much. Seeing it from the quiet of my kitchen it's honestly rather quaint. 

So here you go. A day at the fair for you. (Without the poor choices about food, overstimulation of noise and lights, and yes, without the woosh of all your money in the world getting sucked out of your wallet.) 

You're welcome.















Honestly, I'm not sure what's not to love about this cute little fair. 

I'm kidding. I'm still not crazy about it. 




(All except that bunny.)


5 thoughts on “To the fair

  1. Amy says:

    We’ve always lived in places where the fair happens in the middle of the summer when it’s hot & sticky. The miserable weather plus all the stimulation makes me want to leave as soon as we arrive. We moved 4 months ago and the local fair starts next week the average temperature this time of year is low 80s so if it cools off to average it might not be so bad.

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