Your superpower

Your superpower | Clean.

You have a superpower.

And every day you get a chance to use it.

It's the power to change the world.

By choosing play over pressure.

Peace over violence.

Kindness over power.

Compassion over neglect.

Forgiveness over blame.

Every. Single. Day.

As a parent you possess the power to change the world.

One day at a time,

one child at a time,

one interaction at a time.

And the world transforms.

But that does not mean you will be perfect.

You will falter.

You will yell.

You will curse.

You will break.

You will forget just for a moment how amazingly powerful you are and you will return to shame, anger, manipulation, and control.

It happens.

To all of us.

In our own way we each create own reasons for regret.

And then?

And then you have the chance to choose forgiveness again. This time for you.

Compassion. Understanding.

Second chances.

Unconditional love.

No one is perfect.

Not your partner, not your child, not your mother. And not you.

We're all stumbling along, learning as we go.

Doing our best.

We are all flawed.

It's part of the plan. It gives us good work to do with our time here on earth.

Allow yourself your imperfections.

Allow them to your child as well.

And yes, allow them even to that other mother you see on the street who's come undone and is yelling and pulling her little one roughly along.

She needs it most of all.

And then, remember your power.

Your superpower.

To shape the world, for good.

It takes courage to forge a new path.

To reach for peace when you were taught reach for power.

To reach for compassion when last time you faltered.

To reach for understanding even in frustration. Or exhaustion. Or anger.

You have the power to change the world. And also to change yourself.

And the harder that is for you, the more deeply I honor your work.

Onward, mama. Onward.

You carry the world in your arms.

It's your superpower.



Originally posted in 2014.

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