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November marks the start of our busiest season – both at home and at LüSa. Desipte my full calendar (or more accurately because of it) I'm doing my best to be more present in my life.

Present with my need for a bit more sleep. Present with the reality that I need to get organized. Present with my kid's needs for connection and compassion when things start to fall apart. Present to the task at hand – whatever that may be - and not being preoccupied by my work or disconnected through distraction.


And sometimes that feels like a lot to keep in the air at once. But the truth is once you let them start to fall everything seems to come apart.


Because when we let go of our body's needs for deep rest and nourishing food, we get sick.

When we let go of our children's need for connection, they act out or retreat and life gets messy and hard for everyone. 

And when we let go our work priorities or our relationship needs things unravel in a hurry.


So I'm saying yes to a quick board game in the morning with Lupine and to a long talk before bed with Sage. Pete and I are getting up early together and carving out time for just the two of us while the kids are still asleep. And I'm heading outside with my camera or sitting down and knitting a few rows each day. 

In short, we are remembering what feeds us, what grounds us, and what connects us.


So we're taking walks (or fumbling through a bit of yoga) on some days and eating popcorn dinner and watching a movie on others. Because being present means letting things slide and indulging yourselves a little, too. (It's all about balance.)


And I'm circling back to gratitude. Everyday.

Gratitude for the cord of dry firewood outside the door and the food in our pantry.

Gratitude for the busy holiday season at work that feeds our family for the coming months.

Gratitude that on a long day we can toss the math work aside and build a campfire instead – or dig in and learn about whatever makes us come alive.

Gratitude for my little house and my big backyard.


And even if "busy" is not something I aspire to be, I can embrace it this season.

I can find countless reasons to be grateful for this full, messy, authentic (and yes, sometimes busy) life that I have chosen.


What are you grateful for today?


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