First snow





There is a certain quality to the the morning's first light when the first snow has fallen while you were asleep. The room is illuminated with this amazing, etherial light so you know that it snowed before you even look outside.

(All of my more northern friends are nodding their heads right now, knowing just what I'm talking about.)

But normally I wake before the sun and miss the treat of opening my eyes to this magical light.

But on Saturday night we had a scare with a suddenly very sick pet. I was up until the wee hours of morning tending to him, and once he was through the worst of it I went back to bed. I woke often to check on him and so I slept late on Sunday.

So when I opened my eyes – desipte my concerns for the cat – I noticed the beautiful light streaming in through my window. As I hurried off to find him I stole a glance outside. Such beauty, just beyond these walls. 

At noon I took my cat to the ER vet. (He magically acted much stronger as soon as the vet showed up, the stinker.)

With medicine and special cat food in hand we headed back home through the snow. Our route home takes us across the Kickapoo River, and since the cat was feeling better I pulled over and dashed onto the bridge for a quick few photographs, my heart full of gratitude of many sorts. 

Because no matter how how challenging things are, if we choose to look up we can still find beauty and hope all around us. 


I'm not technically savvy enough to figure out how to load my video here so you'll need to pop over to my Instagram for that. The video is right here and totally worth the detour in your day. 



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