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There was another post that I wrote for today. It was heartfelt and real and raw. But you know what, friends? This is the internet. And I just don't have that level of voluntary vulnerability in me today.

So I decided there were things better left unsaid. 

(In other words, I wimped out.)

Edited to add: under the encouragement of a very passionate, very strong girlfriend I un-wimped out. You can find the other post here.

My goal in this space is to bring healing. But there are moments here (rare though they are) when I extend my hands with an offering, and that action is somehow twisted or misconstrued by some. 

Today that feels probable. So the post was benched.


And so I bring you this instead. An assignment for a day that will be hard for many.

First, feel all the big, messy, painful feelings that you have in you. Hold them tenderly like injured birds. Smooth their ruffled feathers and stroke their wings.

Take as long as you need, because those feelings are real and raw and a part of you. They need honoring. Take your time.

When you're done, set those little birds gently back down in their nest.


Now, phase two.

Go out of your way to be kind.

To be gentle. 

To be the person for others that you need so desperately right now.

To be open and nonjudgmental, generous and loving.

To stand up for those whose voices have been silenced. 


Put your arm around the shoulder of a person in trouble and lead them to safety, or place a warm bowl of soup in a pair of cold and hungry hands. It's a power that we all have – every day. We just sometimes forget to use it.


Make your mission in this day be to see goodness in others and in yourself; to find beauty in your life; to have a reason for hope, for forgiveness, for trust.


And know also, that when things are hardest between people – strangers or loved ones – it's often because we don't understand what the world looks like from where the other person stands. Seek understanding, even when others do not.

And when your fear is rising, when your anger is bubbling over, when judgement is just behind your lips - pause. Breathe. And reach for hope.


Because there is good in the world.

There is kindness and magic, beauty and light. There always has been and there always will be.

Join the momentum of that wave. And be a force for good.


Much love to you, friends. Hold on tight.



6 thoughts on “Your assignment

  1. Sarah Heimann says:

    Brave. Lovely. Thank you, Rachel, for both posts. The one you originally wrote for yesterday (the 19th, and the one you posted). The words resonate with me, someone who does not have a daughter, but has navigated this fraught world for many years. I appreciate the permission you offer. Somehow, I need it right now.

  2. Sage says:

    Rachel, You. Don’t Even. Know. How much this post means to me.
    Like tears streaming, heart breaking, painstakingly don’t-know-how-much.
    Or maybe you do. Maybe you do know how much it means to “me”. (whoever that me may be).
    Because “me” is “we”, right?
    Going through a REALLY REALLY hard time currently.
    Like. Really. Hard.
    Life or Death kinda hard!LIFE OR DEATH
    So, thank you. For giving space for the pleasant and unpleasant feelings.
    Broken. Broken. Broken Feelings.
    Sorry for this comment being very vague. (I’m trying to spare this public platform that provokes vulnerability)
    And thank you. Forever and always thank you.

  3. Abby says:

    Thank you for this. Life has felt devoid of magic, beauty, and light lately, but kindness, that’s what keeps me putting one foot in front of the other. So today I’m going to give myself permission to feel the pain and then move on. Your gentle beauty here is such a tremendous light on the path to healing.

  4. kacy says:

    Kindness is the most precious gift you can give to someone, i will do my assignment today. This is very helpful. Thank you for posting.

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