Postcard 3: The Atlantic








My kids adore the ocean. So much so that I wonder if they both lived seaside in a past life, instead of landlocked in the hills of Wisconsin.

With this passion for sand and salt and sea in mind I cut our time in Savannah shorter than I would have liked to give them an extra day to play in the Atlantic Ocean. That morning they set an alarm for an unreasonable hour (especially for a sleep-hungry teenager!) so that they could watch the sunrise over the ocean. We headed to the beach as the sky was just beginning to brighten – me with a thermos of coffee and my knitting basket; them in their swimming suits.

Don't be fooled. It wasn't warm out. Maybe 60? Maybe not quite. And there was no one else in the ocean that morning. Just plenty of chuckling passers-by who marveled at these cold-hardy midwesterners shrieking and laughing in the waves.

They found their bliss. 



3 thoughts on “Postcard 3: The Atlantic

  1. Shell ~ says:

    ~ Radiant, beautiful !! ~
    Thank you for sharing these brilliant photos. What a beautiful morning.
    The light & energy is so needed, … reminding of the wonderful beauty.
    I’d loVe to be dipping my toes in the ocean, but at least I can view it here.
    Good Morning SUN !!
    So nice you enjoyed a wonderful trip.
    Shell ~

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