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Every time I clean out the fridge I end up with several mysterious jars that I hold into the air and ask, "What is this? Anyone?"

The answers vary from homemade marzipan to paper mache "gloop" to an experimental dandelion infusion. Indeed, a day rarely passes when there isn't a new jar of something (or a painting or sewing project or tray full of baked goods) that hasn't emerged.

Every day we're elbow-deep in making of various sorts.

Painting and drawing, foraging and canning, sewing and knitting, inventing and tinkering, cooking and baking. Why buy bread (or tea or medicine or mittens or a jet-propelled motorcycle – off the top of my head) when you can make it yourself?

Why buy anything that you can figure out how to create with your own loving hands?

Don't get me wrong. Of course we do still buy things – much of our food, handmade treasures from other makers, and more second hand clothing and housewares than we probably need. But the making? That's where our world comes alive. I'm not sure we'd know what to do with ourselves if we had only books to learn from. Because here is where our spark lies. In the making.

Today Sage and I are working on an ambitious sewing project that I hope to share more about soon, Lupine has a brand new canvas awaiting inspiration on this gray spring day, and I'm hoping to delve into a waxed cotton project that I've been obsessing over for a while.

Where else will today take us? We won't know until we get there. 

And I can't wait to find out.


For my homeschooling friends who are just getting started (or have been in it for a while) but are feeling tethered unforgivingly to a curriculum: don't be afraid to come up for air and rediscover your freedom and joy once more.

You can put your to-do list down for a day (or a week or a season) and pick up whatever supplies make your hearts sing. The curriculum will await your return, but in the mean time you'll find a groove you didn't realize you were missing. You also might be surprised at how much learning happens when we put our agenda aside. 

Because when you demonstrate a life-long love of learning? Well, I don't think your kids will have any choice but follow your lead.


And with that, there is making to be done over here. I hope you join me and create something with your own hands this week, too. 




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