Meet Rowland!


This is Ruby.

She is an all-white Corriedale/Polypay ewe. Well, almost all white. She does have these subtle grey polka dots on her ears, nose, and lips. They're faint, but if you know what you're looking for you can see them.

Ruby was one of the first lambs born on our farm.



And this, my friends, is her boy Rowland. Our first (and surely funniest!) lamb of 2017.

Seriously you guys. Look at him. 

(Perhaps you remember the Pickle – shown here in his handsome tutu – born last spring on our farm? Yup. Same mama.) 



We're not sure what's up with Ruby's genetics, but her babies have some unexpected markings for Corriedale/Polypay/Merino lambs. Both of Rowland's eyes are completely encircled with black, and his lips, back, and body are a spunky salt-and-pepper mix. 

Oh, and he has a tiny black dot on each knee.


Rowland was a little weak after his surprise arrival last weekend (his twin, an all-white male, died shortly after birth), but he's getting stronger every day. Just this morning gave a few enthusiastic romps around his pen to celebrate the energy found in a good nursing and a good nap.


Ruby is a excellent mama.

She's attentive and much more calm than I was after either of my babies were born. For now they're just hanging together in the "jug" (the birthing pen), where they'll be until another mama-newborn set need the space more than they or until he's strong enough to venture out in to the pasture.

And then? Then Rowland gets his first romp in the spring sunshine.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.53.43 AM

He can hardly wait!


P.S. For those of you who are Sparkle Stories fans – yes – Sage did name Rowland after the raccoon family from Junkyard Tales. Because – those eyes!


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