Should or could?









I slipped away at the end of last week for a few days at the cabin with my sister and two life-long friends. And I had a long blog post planned for today, reflecting on friendship, connection, and the act of creating the space for self-care.

But then I had a chance to lay in bed late this morning, talking with Pete until long after we should have headed downstairs for coffee and chores. 

And in that moment I decided, that that would be my priority instead: what I could do instead of what I thought I should do.

I could connect with him instead of coming here to write. And indeed that was what I truly desired. I could stay in bed a little late to make space for that connection. I could put my relationship first, and my art and work second.

I could.

And so I did.


Later, I reflected that I was not only desiring connection with my husband today, but with our kids as well. And so Pete offered a schedule re-arrange that allowed me to carve out that space as well. Because we could.

And my heart is so grateful.


Today I invite you, too, to carve out a bit of space for the things that your heart desires. The things you would do if you could, but you can never seem to find the time. The things that truly matter but are always made to wait.

Because those things – that are the foundation and substance of our life – often get pushed aside as we race past in our pursuit of "should".


What might unfold if you put down the "should" today and picked up the "could"? 

Magic, I'd wager.  

And it's within your power to let that delicious magic unfold.


What would you do if only you believed you could? 





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  1. Lisa Uotinen says:

    I’m SO enjoying following you on Instagram, your photos and words are beautiful. Can you tell me about the cabin in the photos? I’m intrigued, can you tell me who built it? How long it has been around?

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