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When my kids were small and we were having a hard day, I remember my mom once telling me to "put them in water". And, of course, like so often when I listen to my mother it worked like a charm. A warm bath or a cool a shallow wading pool; a trip to the lake or the river or a creek. It always quieted my frazzled nerves and calmed their jagged moods.

And so yesterday, when my two very big kids were (happily! loudly!) bouncing off the walls of our very small house, I put her advice to new use, some ten years later. They needed to move – and yell and play – that much was certain. So when Lupine suggested a swim (desipte the 66 F on the thermostat and the even colder spring fed creek) I heard my mom's voice in my head.

I enthusiastically agreed. 

We rounded up swimming suits, my knitting bag, towels, and Sage, and set off for the creek.

And after a few minutes of shouts and screams and rowdy splashes, I happily discovered that "put them in water" works as well for wild-and-crazy big kids as it once did for fussy toddlers. Who knew?

(You're right. My mom probably did.)



8 thoughts on “Put them in water

  1. Sarah Heimann says:

    Lovely new top image. I am so happy to start my mornings with your reflections/musings on life. Your writing brings a sparkle to my days. Thank you!

  2. Pamela R says:

    I couldn’t agree more for all ages! We have spent many mornings/afternoons/evenings in the water. It makes us all feel like we can breathe!

  3. Spiritmama says:

    So true Rachel, so true. I still put my 7 year old in a warm bath. He protests that he does not want a bath because well…7. But it does the trick. But I think with a 7 and 9 year old this summer I may be able to use the trick for them as big kids too and take them to the river when they are bouncing off the walls. Thanks.

  4. Jennifer says:

    There is a fun loving five year old in every one of us! Maybe we “adults” need to listen to that advice as well.

  5. Shell ~ says:

    ~ Perfection. thanks kindly, MamaLuSa. ~

    I need to put myself in water.
    Preferably Maine coast ocean, .. but I’ll pretend for now. ~

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