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You've been asking me for years: to create a booklist of my favorite reads on a variety of subjects. Books to inspire the leap into homeschooling or a first foray into herbalism; books to nurture a slow and mindful childhood and books for Earth-based celebrations. And when I saw my friend Ginny had set up an Amazon Bookstore I thought it was a lovely idea! Such a simple way to gather each of these categories together in one tidy place.

So last night before bed, I set up the LuSa Mama Bookstore and created a few collections, just for you. It was such a delight to look through my bookshelf and recall our favorites from when the kids were small and note which books never made it into the donation box, desipte our having outgrown them.

Currently I have divided the collections up into the areas I receive the most request for suggested reading. I'm open to additional suggestions as well! I began with the seven categories below –

Homeschooling - books I love for beginning (or reinspiring) your homeschooling journey;

Herbal Exploration, books to inspire the budding herbalist; 

Peaceful Parenting, encouraging you to parent from the heart;

Favorites for Young Children, our very favorite read-alouds from years gone by;

Books for Older Kids, from craft and science to how our bodies work, these are books we have enjoyed in more recent years;

Raising Global Kids, books to take your family beyond the bounds of your own culture and community (I'd love your suggestions for more titles here!);

and Earth-Based Family, secular celebrations and nature-based traditions.


I will add more categories soon, including homesteading, holistic health, and crafting. 

The way the bookshop works is that if you purchase through my link (or alternately buy anything else on Amazon within 24 hours of clicking through) I receive a small commission. You, of course, pay the same amount as you would have otherwise.

That being said, if you simply use the bookstore as a shopping list for your local independent bookseller, all the better! Local for the win, I say.

Do let me know what you think, and what I'm missing! I'll add a link to the right as soon as I can so you have an easy way to find it when you need it.



4 thoughts on “A book list

  1. Mindy says:

    Since the store is under construction, any possibility of you publishing just a list of these books in the meantime? Pretty please? I should’ve written them down… 🙁

    Thanks, just in case. 😉

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Such a bummer that Amazon retired their “store” feature and the list is lost. What categories were you most interested in? I can do a future book list in the coming months, perhaps.

    • Mindy says:

      I am so sorry for the delay in my response! I must have not clicked something or unclicked something…I had no idea you’d responded! :-/ (I made SURE to click BOTH of the notify options this time!!)

      Any herbal book recommendations, homeschooling, and earth-based family books are my keenest interests. Thank you so much!!!!

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