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This morning when I woke, instead of having to coerce Charlie off of his bed and outside for a slow and cautious walk up and down the driveway, he stood up and wagged his tail (actual wagging!) when I got out of bed. He followed me downstairs with an unexpected spring in his step and asked to go outside. When I opened the door, out he shot and set off by himself on his morning walk as I scrambled to find my shoes. 

It's been weeks since he has acted like this and I'm taking it as a good sign. Indeed, as I type this he is off on his second unapproved walkabout on the hillside above our house, sniffing for rabbits (despite me trying in vain to call him home).

He's still just barely eating, but we seem to be making progress in all other areas. Keep the good juju coming! And thank you, each of you, for your emails, comments and love. You're so kind.

In other news (is there other news, I asked myself? I've been pretty Charlie obsessed these days) the latest Taproot issue arrived yesterday. Lupine was tickled to see herself smiling out from those pages, and she set to work immediately on cutting and coloring the pull-out page of two farmers and their tiny house. How refreshing to have this publication to turn to that reflects our values and our lives. What a treat that is for us all.

And with that, I'm off to search the hillsides for a roaming dog who could barely stand just four days ago. I'll take this new problem over the last any day.

Enjoy the sunshine and your own roamings this morning, friends. Oh, and if you see Charlie, would you kindly send him home? I have a nettle, liver, and yogurt smoothie ready that I'm hoping he will eat. (Come to think of it, maybe that's why he has wandered off…)

Oh! I hear barking from under the trees!

I'll take that as another good sign.



Edited to add: he's home! Thank goodness. For so many things.

5 thoughts on “Good signs

  1. Lisa says:

    This is a good sign for sure. Having had a dog or two go down a path such as his, you can just tell when they’ve turned the corner. They just want to be dogs. Love to you all.

  2. Lisa says:

    So happy to read Charlie seems to be doing better. Nothing harder than a sick pup you can’t do anything for. Go Charlie!

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