Postcard 3: first day of homeschool











We decided that we'd pick a day early in our trip to call our "first day of (home)school" for 2017. (Just for fun.) Because even thought we're learning all the time – now more than ever – we always get a kick out of choosing a random day and calling life "school" once more.

And the day pictured above seemed an excellent choice to everyone.

It began with a leisurely walk through the small town of Cashel, then led us up a winding path to a castle with layer upon layer of history dating back to the year 1100.

Eleven-hundred the tower was built, followed by a church and later the rest of the buildings. It's boggling! As are the stories that accompany the structures even more so. Of Saint Patrick and the conversion of the local Pagans; of Oliver Cromwell's army and their brutal slaughter within these walls; of Britain and bloodshed, Ireland and freedom.

It's so much to absorb.

But not just here – everywhere. Driving through each random town we spot a crumbling tower or round fort in the distance, or a graveyard that is older than the country we call home. We're constantly looking up things we've learned, and peeling back another layer, then another, then another.

Which makes me think… as we wind our way across Ireland, this is not only school for our kids, but for Pete and I as well.

And what a treat that is for us all.


P.S. Follow along more-or-less in real time on my Instagram if you're interested! There's much more to see than I've found the time to post here. (Everything from fairy trees to flat tires!) 


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