Do something hard

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Ten days ago I decided to quit drinking.

I did so on a bit of a whim but for a variety of reasons, not least of which was my desire to model better choices to my kids. And it felt hard, but right. There was no need to wait for the "perfect time", just a spontaneous decision to jump in with both feet. Boom. 

I also gave up wheat in October (after a bout of eczema that would not quit) and dairy and corn this week as a final nudge toward better health.

All of these decisions came on suddenly and intuitively, and with a perfectly balanced mix of resonance and challenge. And each one is helping me rise up the next level of who I am. 

I'm sharing this today not because I know where I am going or what the next weeks will hold, but simply to say that sometimes we buck up and do the hard thing. We look in the mirror and ask, "What would it take for my life to be better?"

What that means for you and for me will surely be different, but you know what your shadows and anchors are, just as I know mine.

So we find the courage to do the hard thing. We leave a toxic relationship, we make better choices for our health, we quit the job that we always despised, we take a step toward inner peace. Whatever it is that's holding us back, we look it in the eyes and make a choice.

We get up off the couch and take the first steps toward the life we really want – whatever that may mean in our hearts. 

These changes are not magic, but they are illuminating. Self-worth, self-love, self-care – they transform us, even if it's hard. Even if we stumble to find our way.

Today? I am feeling solid, healthy, and strong. And tomorrow is only looking better. 

All because I found the courage to do something hard.


12 thoughts on “Do something hard

  1. Tonya says:

    My husband and I discovered that we both have an overgrowth of candida – mine is so bad that I have had abdomen pain for months and other yecky symptoms. We have been alcohol free for nearly a month now – wheat free and processed sugar free for almost a month as well. It all probably originated from my husband’s three separate occasions of antibiotics for lyme in the past year – and I probably got it from him but obviously my body wasn’t anywhere near where it needed to be or I wouldn’t have this overgrowth. We were getting too used to having a glass or two of wine each night after the children go to bed. Having a small “organic” dessert after lunch and dinner. Both of us are starting to feel so much better – and it has been amazing how much weight has been shed when we really didn’t think we had much to shed. It isn’t easy though! But often times good things aren’t – at least at first. Wishing you joy through your process and thank you for sharing.

  2. Allison says:

    I’m glad you didn’t wait for a “right” time…not a New Year’s resolution, just the next right decision for your life. In that vein, I’m working to persuade my husband to give up Netflix for at least a month beginning in January. As a Jesus follower, I feel compelled to free up more of our (kind of meager) income for giving. Because there’s so much joy in giving! This choice wouldn’t really affect our physical health (we’re all pretty active and don’t watch much TV, anyway), but it does feel like now is the time to take this step.

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    Sugar, alcohol, and wheat are a heavy trifecta to give up in one swoop. Especially with a candida overgrowth, screaming out for more. Good for you both! Because Lupine and I have both also been treated for Lyme several times I feel that’s at the heart of our gut troubles as well. Thanks for the cheering on, Tony! Right back atcha.

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    Small choices to align with our hearts or beliefs always seem like a good decision. Not to mention wonderful modeling for your kids of living your truth. You’ll know when it’s time. Good luck!

  5. Kelly says:

    Woot! I gave up dairy, corn & wheat as well (haven’t drank in years or i bet that would have been on the list too). Funny, it was sort of a whim…like, lets give this a go & now i feel less tired & irritable as well as more sharp. I threw a better hour for heading to bed in there as well. I kinda wish I had been more on the ball with it all before this but am sure grateful to be seeing the benefits of it now. Yay for you and better health! Xo

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