Introvert-approved holiday shopping


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(Winter 2016 box shown. Not representative of the Winter 2017 collection!)

As a certifiable introvert, few things bring me greater contentment than not having to leave the house.

As we drove home from the city yesterday (after spending Thanksgiving with my family) we hurried past packed parking lots at shopping malls and department stores, full of people diving headlong into the Black Friday madness.

And all I could think was: thank goodness. No big box shopping for us.

Because few things require deep breathing in this mama like braving crowds and buying things.

We do our best to keep holiday buying to a minimum. Our celebrations are as simple and as handmade as possible, with the focus on family and experiences more so than stuff. That being said, we do love to share handmade treasures that we pick up from other artisans whenever we can. We do our best to choose items from from small family business, and delight in shopping online (instead of braving the big box stores). Introvert heaven. 

And that brings me to Treasure Box season!

Things have been buzzing at LüSa during this our busiest season, as we dream up and create a new holiday line and a new Winter Treasure Box collection.

Each Treasure Box contains six surprise products made just for you, created just for the season.

And each box sells out in a hurry! We do still have a few Winter Treasure Boxes left. Care to order one for yourself or a gift? The products I created this season are sure to appeal to a wide audience, so give confidently to friends and family if you wish!

They ship out soon, slated for a Winter Solstice arrival in just a few weeks.

Order a Treasure Box now and if you add a note to your order of "generous TB blog bonus" and I'll tuck a special blog-reader only bonus in your Winter collection. (While they last!)

Happy weekending, friends! I'm grateful for each of you, indeed.


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