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Lupine's birthday is just days away. And though Novembers are notoriously brimful around here – from our busiest LüSa month to our busiest birthday month; deer season and the start of the holiday season – I was committed to making it special.

And my gift this year? We'll, it's let's just say it's not my best work.

So when she asked to break away for a girls' weekend at the cabin with one of her dearest friends (and by default one of mine), I shook out the calendar pages until enough space was made for a quick adventure up north.

It was, quite possibly, the quickest trip to the cabin we've had since shaking off the Monday to Friday work week, yet it somehow felt spacious and indulgent just the same. We were lucky enough to arrive in time for the first snow of the year, a fluffy few inches coating every branch and rock the first morning we awoke. We enjoyed copious amounts of comfort food, row after row of mindless knitting, great belly laughs, and the telling of so many stories.

 And now, somehow, Monday is here and we're diving back into November once more. 

But how grateful I am for falling snow, for friendship, and for a weekend beside the river. 

I can't wait to do it all again. (But that might have to wait until after November.)


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