Spring Treasure Box goodness





It's a rare treat for me to get one of each item from any Treasure Box collection. We're on our 12th seasonal box already (how is that possible?!) and I've certainly snagged a few favorites that I just can't live without. But I've missed a few gems as well when the boxes sold out before I had claimed mine.

Not this year.

This spring I'm bound and determined to grab one of everything to enjoy for myself! Because this box is one of my favorites yet, the just right mix of practical and indulgent with the smells, textures, and functionality you've come to expect from all things LüSa.

It is entirely possible that when I took Sage to town to meet his friends last night, I swung by LüSa at 9 PM to grab an item from this box that I needed, stat.

This week only, enjoy a free bonus item with every Spring or Annual Treasure Box you buy! To claim your bonus, simply add a note of "Clean Blog Treasure" and I'll tuck in an extra item, with my thanks for supporting what we do.

Want a sneak peek? Sure enough. The video above includes a surprise (or three). Though I won't say which they are. Enjoy! Also, this is my first every attempt at a video. I think it's pretty fun. (Pats own back…) What do you think?

And with that, the weekend is calling. Make it a good one, friends!

~ Rachel



The fine print: if you combine this offer with our current weekly email promotion, we'll include a smaller/lighter weight extra for your second bonus to keep from shipping too heavy of a box. 


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