Too much of a good thing?

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There is a distinct possibility that I pushed myself a tiny bit too hard this weekend.

But I woke on Saturday feeling good (really good!) for the first time in more than two weeks. No vertigo, scant dizziness, and a clearness in my head, heart, and limbs that I haven’t felt for a while.

I couldn’t stop myself.

There were adventures to have and plants to find and roots to dig and remedies to make and a caterpillar house to set up and… you get the idea. I was alone for the weekend as well, a rare event indeed, while Pete and the kids were off on an adventure and I was in charge of farm and pets and home.

Mostly, I stayed home to rest. Which promptly went out the window at 6:45 AM on Saturday, when I set out, foraging basket in hand.

And what a morning!

I made wild rose flower essence, Solomon’s seal root tincture, and so, so much more. Partway through the day, though, and after a flurry of activity, I had to pull the brake.

On account of my overzealous day, the dizziness and brain fog had returned with gusto. I felt much like I had in the weeks before, and took it easy for the rest of the weekend to further recuperate. Darn.

Or, to quote Lupine: “So you felt good and decided to overexert yourself?”

Something like that.

But the vibration of all that goodness on Saturday morning was enough to carry me right through until Sunday. A day that I spent, a mug of nettle tea in hand, finalizing the very last round of book edits! One step closer!


Today? I’m still feeling ‘meh’ but that’s making me think die-off, which makes me thing this might have been the right path after all.

Or maybe it’s just my gut flora dying and my brain not knowing what to make of it.

Either way I’ll be back here later this week, sharing some of the projects I was working on this weekend. After the fog clears!

Until then, never mind my spelling (it always goes to heck when I have Lyme), and I’ll see you soon.



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