A few days away

Wolf RiverHas it truly been two full weeks since I’ve popped in to say hello? Good gracious. In almost a decade of holding this space, I think that’s unprecedented.

Perhaps it’s simply that life feels like a bit too much of a flurry these days, and something has to be set down now and then to leave more time for the very best bits.

Since housekeeping was long ago abandoned, it was only logical that the blog would be next.

But such pauses are often temporary. And here I am this morning, with more stories and photos from our messy, quiet world.

20180708-DSC_376820180706-DSC_357120180706-DSC_357020180706-DSC_354620180706-DSC_357620180706-DSC_3559KnittingIn that same spirit that caused me to step away from this space for a time–that of capturing this fleeing moment and holding it close while we can–Lupine, Sage, and I slipped away for nearly a week at my family’s cabin up north.

I’m feeling the need to savor these fading days, now more than ever. And our annual cabin trip is a summer tradition. One that I missed last year for the first time, on account of the book I was writing, when Pete and the kids went without me.

I was determined to not miss it this season.

20180706-DSC_357420180706-DSC_358920180706-DSC_363620180706-DSC_3596Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 7.27.06 AM20180709-DSC_377220180709-DSC_3809Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 7.27.22 AMPete stayed home to button up some loose ends and projects here on the farm, and the kids and I embarked last week.

There were wandering hikes to takes and raucous swims to have in the river. There were early morning foraging adventures balanced by a trip to our favorite up-north thrift shop. There were days bookended by iced coffee sipped on the dock with knitting after sunrise, and quiet evenings spent around the campfire, tired from a long day in the sunshine and fresh air. There were art projects and nature discoveries and read-alouds and long, deep nights of sleep.

There were all of the things that make this simple family tradition so very special to all of us.


We rolled back home yesterday (after spontaneously extending our trip by a day, like we so often do). And home, complete with Pete and our pets and our cozy beds is every bit as delightful as our time away.

Travel is good like that, isn’t it?

With leaving home and coming back delicious in equal measure.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, we have some unpacking (and, indeed, some housekeeping) to attend to.


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