Call to action, call to peace


When your heart is heavy from the news of the day, breaking with grief for things you fear you can not change, pause. Breathe. Be.

Log out of social media. Shut off your phone or close your laptop. Make yourself some tea.

Then step outside and find something–anything–that is still right with the world. A bumble bee, drunk on nectar in your flower bed; a monarch dancing on the wind; a wildflower weed, pushing it’s way through a crack in the sidewalk.

Don’t overthink it with your worried mind, spinning off into the troubles that you perceive in this moment of soft perfection. Just observe, and let it be right. 

Watch the sunset, listen to the birds. And know that the Earth is resilient and will–in her own ways–survive the trauma of our existence.

Then head back inside and do your work.

Pick up the phone and call your representatives. It’s hard, I know. But do it anyway. Call about immigration, ICE, asylum seekers. Call about gun control, climate change, white supremacy. Call about all the things that are making you feel powerless or angry or terrified.

Or write a few emails if that’s something you can follow-through on. Or show up at a city board meeting. Anything. But do something that reaches further than your Facebook page. Because it matters. Now more than ever.

Take action and raise your voice for those who are silenced. Especially if you have privilege. Especially if you have never been targeted or marginalized or profiled because of your race, sexual identity, gender, or religion. Stand up for anyone being “othered” and do it today.

It’s vital. Your voice is needed. Don’t look away.

Then go back outside, find another butterfly, and breathe.

You’re helping, and you’re breathing. You’re finding beauty, and you’re doing the hard work. Keep it up. We need you.

Together we can change the world.

Don’t give up.


This is a handy resource to help you contact your representatives. 


8 thoughts on “Call to action, call to peace

  1. Joan in California says:

    Thank you. Your post is both beautiful and powerful. You’ve inspired me to take action, which, these days, takes a lot of courage and strength. Your insight of grounding in nature before making the calls and writing the emails is important. As is returning for more of nature’s sustenance after taking the action. Again, deepest thanks.

  2. Renee Tougas says:

    The photos in this post are so beautiful. Thank you. And thank you for calling us to action, whatever that looks like in our context. Grounding in contemplation, called to action – a spiritual response to our times.

  3. Shirley Kelly says:

    Thank you, Rachel. This is how I have been feeling but couldn’t put it into words. May I copy and paste this onto my FB page? I would certainly credit your name and your blog. I get your blog in my email but have not commented before. Shirley Kelly in the Pacific Northwest

    • Rachel Wolf says:

      Hi Shirley. You of course can share with a link to either the post or to my FB page. Of course. Wishing you well.

  4. sustainablemum says:

    I am really feeling for all of you in your beautiful country who are experiencing these terrible events so often. You are so right that doing something about it is how you change things and I sincerely hope that you all can.

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