Postcard 1: Arrival in Iceland


We arrived in the wonderland that is Iceland early last week.

It had been a breakneck few weeks leading up to our departure, and we were so grateful to finally arrive, settle in, and exhale. Wifi-free for most of our stay, we were ready to savor this unplugged time, and eager to rest, explore, and reconnect with not only each other, but with our Icelandic friends as well. 

Those friends, Sara and Siggi and familytook phenomenal care of us, somehow thinking of every small detail we might need or want from the moment we arrived.

From greeting us at the airport with glass bottles of fresh, cold water and a thermos of hot tea (brewed from Icelandic moss, arctic thyme, and angelica seeds); to snacks, naps, beds, and meals, we were in the very best hands. I appreciated these small touches so much, as we literally took the nutrients of Iceland into our bodies, and nourished our travel-weary systems with their minerals and magic.

After dinner the first evening we even embarked for a walk to the sea and a dip in the nearby swimming pool and hot tub fed by natural hot springs. It was the perfect start to our visit. Then back home we went, before collapsing into bed–exhausted and happy– for the first night’s sleep of our stay.


The next morning, the four of us set out on our own to explore some historically significant places in Iceland, that Sage has longed to visit for years. Þingvellir, Gulfoss, and the Lawspeaker’s Rock were places we wanted to see, before leaving the more popular “Golden Circle” area, for places more remote. And they did not disappoint.

After our day of solo exploring, we were ready to depart from these more touristy-regions, and head to the often-missed, yet breathtaking Westfjords. We loaded the cars and hit the road on our second full day, on the long journey to one of the most lovely places we have ever been.

I’ll share more from the Westfjords soon… Keep watching here, or follow along on my Instagram for a sneak peek.



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