Postcard 3: Iceland farewell


It’s difficult to express the shear volume of magic we managed to wrangle into our one short week in Iceland. Good gracious.

So much magic.

From foraging crowberries to fording mountain streams; from ancient historic sites that still ring with the Sagas to soaking in seaside hot springs; from roaring waterfall views to bleary-eyed, early morning northern lights: we dove deep and relished every minute.

After a couple of days on our own exploring the Westfjords, it was time to return to our friend’s cozy home to reunite, enjoy a final home-cooked Icelandic meal together, then pack our bags for an early morning departure.

But our adventure is hardly over.

We departed Iceland the next morning, not bound for Wisconsin, but headed for Ireland instead, where the bulk of our trip has yet to unfold. (Albeit at something of a slower pace, since we have a generous month here to slow down and savor.)

But Iceland? It’s still holding us, even as we settle in to a new rhythm and a new landscape here in Ireland.

We miss our friends in Iceland; we miss the hot springs and the history; we miss that haunting land and the warm welcome we received there. What a gift Sara, Siggi, and family gave us by sharing their world with us for a week! We enjoyed their spirits and energies to a person, and miss them as we spiral outward on the next piece of our journey.


Which reminds me: if you’re ever contemplating an Iceland adventure with your own family and would love a thoughtful, conscientious, caring host, we can’t say enough fine things about Sara and Siggi. They offer services for families visiting Iceland through their small business, Slow Travel Kids Iceland. You can also find them on Instagram if you care to follow along.

Honestly, traveling under their guidance was a game-changer for our trip, and I recommend them without hesitation.

And with that, Ireland awaits! But not before we snap our “first day of homeschool” photo for the year. The one below should suffice. (Though the day was rich with learning, it didn’t look much like school. But it rarely does.)

Happy adventuring, friends. We’ll catch up with you soon–from the Emerald Isle. 


3 thoughts on “Postcard 3: Iceland farewell

  1. Teri (Benner) Friedl says:

    I am just catching up on your adventures – and living vicariously through you and your lovely family! What a lovely adventure you are experiencing – I love reading and seeing your photos – you are so talented – thank you for sharing! I was in Iceland many, many years ago – and these photos and adventures make me want to go back with my family and explore more…..

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