Postcard 6: Return to the sea


Oh, what a delight to spin back toward the sea, for a few slow days of rest, sand, and

ocean before us.

Dingle Peninsula was recommended to us by our family and friends before our first trip to Ireland, and indeed we were glad to have come. So much so that this visit we returned to the very same cottage by the sea. Somehow, it was the tiniest bit like coming home. To a familiar view, familiar kitchen, favorite tea cups and favorite walks. Just what we needed, some 3 weeks into this journey.

Being the off-season, it was just our family, a few surfers, and one vibrant local power-walker (in her 70’s, perhaps?) that the kids affectionately nicknamed “Lady Strong Legs” on our last visit. How happy we were to see her and her dog out for their morning jaunts to the sea once more!

And here we whiled away most of a week–resting, foraging, knitting, and filling our spirits with sea, sand, and sleep.

And then? Northward once more! Toward County Clare, Connemara, and places more northern still.

More soon, dear ones! We’ve just two weeks yet to go.


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