Join me in Ireland, summer 2024

In the thick of COVID’s first few months, I shared these words with you:

New plan. When we can safely travel again, you come to Ireland with me on an herbal retreat. We tour off-the-beaten-path stone circles and burial tombs; connect with and learn from local herbalists, storytellers, and organic farmers; forage wild things; plant some trees; hike to some magical mossy groves; and ground out deeply on the Emerald Isle. Who’s game for this plan? ( She asks, fully lost in the dream/fantasy realm…)

And your reaction was off the charts. You were feeling it, too, and shared my vision of what might be.


Day and night it followed me, whispering in my ear. Of how life-changing it could be; how magical; how transformative.

So I set to work, breathing it into reality.

And this time last summer, I set off on the adventure of a lifetime with a small, intimate group of fellow travelers (and soon-to-be friends), as we journeyed the wild western coast of Ireland, connecting, resetting, and restoring ourselves on the land that called us.

Because we keep our trips intentionally small, our 2022 retreat filled quickly and many who wanted to join us were unable to.

Along with my co-hosts in Ireland, we decided to journey together once more in 2024, and are inviting you along for the journey of a lifetime!

This week next year, we will embark once more on a slow travel adventure around counties Clare and West Cork, far from the tourist trails. Together in the community vessel that we co-create, we’ll learn about ourselves, the earth, and one another; make herbal remedies and heart-felt magic, connect with the songs of the land, the trees, and our own souls.

Together we will pass through portals we’ve only imagined.

Within this small, sacred gathering we will have space to heal what is wounded, rediscover our voices, remember our truths, and hear the songs of the plants, the planet, and–for some of us–our ancestors as well.

Two dozen of us will journey together as we forge friendships and forage wild herbs; wander amongst ancient oaks and lush damp moss; taste freshly harvested seaweed, flowers, leaves, and fruits; make essences beneath the moon; meet artisans and learn their crafts; sing, dance, cry, laugh. We will root ourselves more deeply than we ever dreamed, with our backs resting against trees countless centuries our elders.


And you’re invited to join us.

Who is welcome on this journey? Anyone with a budding or blossoming interest in plants, herbalism, history, the sacred, and Ireland. Women, men, and non-binary folks are equally welcome, as are all races, spiritual beliefs, and backgrounds. Come alone or with a family member, partner, or friend.

The trip includes some moderate hikes on uneven ground (in whatever weather Ireland wishes to deliver) and is best suited for those comfortable with a moderate activity level. And while the programming is designed with adult participants in mind, mature, interested teens are welcome to attend along with a parent or guardian.

The retreat was pre-released to my mailing list earlier this summer and is already more than half-full! But a few early bird spots still remain, for those who are ready to say YES to this adventure.

Ready to learn more? Drop me an email today to request more details! I’ll add you to my retreat mailing list and send you a link to all the trip details including information about our itinerary, lodging, meals, and costs.

Don’t delay. The remaining spaces will fill fast, and as of today, we don’t have another Irealand retreat planned after this one.

I am so looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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