Babywearing Celebration Day 3: Your Secret Weapon


A Supermom's Super Secret, by Kristi Dalberg

Yes, I am supermom but shh…I have a secret.  I'm only confessing this so other moms can become the supermom they need to be for their families. 

From the beginning of my supermom days, Hudson has always desired my complete and total attention.  Being a mommy, you know there is a connection between mommy and baby…a confidence, a need for comfort. 

For the first several weeks after Hudson was born, all I wanted to do was cuddle my newborn…and I did.  But eventually, I had to start getting stuff done, also.  Dishes were piling up, and we had no clean clothes.  Our house was officially a disaster zone.  I felt so overwhelmed and I just wanted to go hide away in the nursery with my newborn. 

That's when supermom was born.  I had to figure out how to get things done.  Whenever I'd lay Hudson down, he'd cry and I'd feel like a bad mommy because I wanted to be there to soothe him and cuddle him.  After all, he had been inside of me for nine months and was used to that.  I needed to show him that being in the world was no different – I'd still always be there for him to care for his needs. 


So…I came up with my secret weapon – baby-wearing.  My mom gave me a baby carrier so I strapped it on and…never took it off!  Hudson cuddled to me, slept on me, fed, and played while I did dishes, laundry, errands, etc.  Yes, baby-wearing allowed me to be the supermom I always dreamed of being! 

We both absolutely loved it!  I felt I could still be his sweet mommy caring for his every need yet still be the amazing wife (and house-keeper) my husband needed me to be.






 The Giveaways

We are again indulging in a three-giveaway day. One lucky winner will receive Baby K'tan double sling. A second winner will receive a Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch. And a third winner will receive the babywearing DVD Tummy2Tummy , as described on Monday.

To be entered in the drawing please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts on babywearing, something that inspired you to wear your baby, or a hope you hold in your heart. (One comment per person per post, please.)

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Baby K'tan Interview

I interviewed the enthusiastic, joyful people at Baby K'tan earlier this week. Because the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier came into existence after my last baby was born, I do not have personal experience with this carrier. If any readers have one and would like to post their experiences in the comments that would be wonderful!


Here is what Baby K'tan had to say:

Clean: What makes your carrier one of the best?

 Baby K'tan:The Baby K'tan Baby Carrier first launched in April 2007 as a new, innovative carrier that is a cross between a sling and a more structured front carrier, providing the positions and benefits of both.

In a Baby K'tan parents and caregivers can comfortably carry infants and toddlers, from preemie to preschool (up to 42 pounds) in eight different positions. It has added security and back support compared to a traditional sling, and added comfort and ease of use compared with a traditional carrier.

The Baby K'tan has no buckles, snaps, rings, or hardware that might otherwise complicate your babywearing experience and is made with a double loop design and an adjustable back support band for distributing weight across both shoulders.

Clean: Why do you believe caregivers wear their babies?

By being so close to your body's rhythms, the newborn "gets in rhythm" much more quickly. Research has shown how this helps babies to adapt to life outside the womb. Babywearing is also good for babies whose caregivers are overwhelmed. Babies who are not held need more verbal interaction and eye contact, just to be reassured that you're there. Carrying a baby is a great way to connect with him or her (and provide stimulation too) without the constant necessity of having to interact.

It is also good for baby's mental development. Babies spend more time in a "quiet, alert state" when carried – the ideal state for learning. Their senses are stimulated while being carried (yet there is a place to retreat too). Studies indicate that 'worn' babies have improved visual and auditory alertness relative to children that are frequently left on the floor or in a crib or playpen.

Other studies indicate that carried babies have improved speech development since they are more directly exposed to normal adult conversation rather than 'child directed speech'. Babywearing is also good for baby's emotional development. Babies are able to quickly develop a sense of security and trust when they are carried. They are more likely to be securely attached to their care-giver/s and often become independent at an earlier age.

Baby K'tan is offering 10% off to all Clean readers until May 1. Use coupon code "LUSAKTAN".


Kangaroo Korner Interview

The fleece pouch is another carrier that I have not had the pleasure to use. Below is my interview with the owner of Kangaroo Korner. I especially love what she said regarding tips for beginners.

Clean: What makes your carrier one of the best?
Our Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Pouches are snug yet not constricting so you are easily able to wear your child and have two hands free to accomplish almost any task. Unlike non-adjustable pouches, our Adjustable Pouches are designed to grow with your baby and will accommodate your changing size due to a pregnancy. Each pouch has 4 rows of adjustment – for one low price, you are essentially receiving 4 pouches in 1! 
Clean: Why do you believe caregivers wear their babies?
Less crying, fussiness & frustration. Less boredom. Protection from overstimulation. Encourages a healthy dependency. Less clingy as baby gets older. Benefits special needs babies. Counteracts sibling rivalry. Promotes bonding. Better for baby's back and legs. Allows for richer stimulation. Improves motor skills and muscle tone. Easier on baby's digestive system. Breastfeeding friendly. Gentle on parent's back. 
Clean: Any babywearing tips for beginners?
Move. While eventually you will be able to putter around the house with your baby in the sling, at first your baby needs the steady rhythm of your walking. As soon as you slip your baby into the sling, start walking! Pacing in the living room is OK, walking outside or at a shopping mall is even better. The new environment will distract your baby, allowing him or her to become used to the snugness of the sling. Next to finding a comfortable position, this is probably the single most important factor in successful babywearing! 

Clean: What else should we know about your company or babywearing in general?

We are a locally owned and operated company. All of our products are manufactured in Minnesota where our employees are all paid a living wage. In addition, we have donated hundreds of Adjustable Pouches to Family Medical Center in inner-city Minneapolis, a clinic that serves low-income families.

Kangaroo Korner is offering Clean readers 25% off of any purchase of Kangaroo Korner brand items during the month of April. Please use coupon code "April25%".