Babywearing Celebration Day 3: Your Secret Weapon


A Supermom's Super Secret, by Kristi Dalberg

Yes, I am supermom but shh…I have a secret.  I'm only confessing this so other moms can become the supermom they need to be for their families. 

From the beginning of my supermom days, Hudson has always desired my complete and total attention.  Being a mommy, you know there is a connection between mommy and baby…a confidence, a need for comfort. 

For the first several weeks after Hudson was born, all I wanted to do was cuddle my newborn…and I did.  But eventually, I had to start getting stuff done, also.  Dishes were piling up, and we had no clean clothes.  Our house was officially a disaster zone.  I felt so overwhelmed and I just wanted to go hide away in the nursery with my newborn. 

That's when supermom was born.  I had to figure out how to get things done.  Whenever I'd lay Hudson down, he'd cry and I'd feel like a bad mommy because I wanted to be there to soothe him and cuddle him.  After all, he had been inside of me for nine months and was used to that.  I needed to show him that being in the world was no different – I'd still always be there for him to care for his needs. 


So…I came up with my secret weapon – baby-wearing.  My mom gave me a baby carrier so I strapped it on and…never took it off!  Hudson cuddled to me, slept on me, fed, and played while I did dishes, laundry, errands, etc.  Yes, baby-wearing allowed me to be the supermom I always dreamed of being! 

We both absolutely loved it!  I felt I could still be his sweet mommy caring for his every need yet still be the amazing wife (and house-keeper) my husband needed me to be.






 The Giveaways

We are again indulging in a three-giveaway day. One lucky winner will receive Baby K'tan double sling. A second winner will receive a Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch. And a third winner will receive the babywearing DVD Tummy2Tummy , as described on Monday.

To be entered in the drawing please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts on babywearing, something that inspired you to wear your baby, or a hope you hold in your heart. (One comment per person per post, please.)

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Baby K'tan Interview

I interviewed the enthusiastic, joyful people at Baby K'tan earlier this week. Because the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier came into existence after my last baby was born, I do not have personal experience with this carrier. If any readers have one and would like to post their experiences in the comments that would be wonderful!


Here is what Baby K'tan had to say:

Clean: What makes your carrier one of the best?

 Baby K'tan:The Baby K'tan Baby Carrier first launched in April 2007 as a new, innovative carrier that is a cross between a sling and a more structured front carrier, providing the positions and benefits of both.

In a Baby K'tan parents and caregivers can comfortably carry infants and toddlers, from preemie to preschool (up to 42 pounds) in eight different positions. It has added security and back support compared to a traditional sling, and added comfort and ease of use compared with a traditional carrier.

The Baby K'tan has no buckles, snaps, rings, or hardware that might otherwise complicate your babywearing experience and is made with a double loop design and an adjustable back support band for distributing weight across both shoulders.

Clean: Why do you believe caregivers wear their babies?

By being so close to your body's rhythms, the newborn "gets in rhythm" much more quickly. Research has shown how this helps babies to adapt to life outside the womb. Babywearing is also good for babies whose caregivers are overwhelmed. Babies who are not held need more verbal interaction and eye contact, just to be reassured that you're there. Carrying a baby is a great way to connect with him or her (and provide stimulation too) without the constant necessity of having to interact.

It is also good for baby's mental development. Babies spend more time in a "quiet, alert state" when carried – the ideal state for learning. Their senses are stimulated while being carried (yet there is a place to retreat too). Studies indicate that 'worn' babies have improved visual and auditory alertness relative to children that are frequently left on the floor or in a crib or playpen.

Other studies indicate that carried babies have improved speech development since they are more directly exposed to normal adult conversation rather than 'child directed speech'. Babywearing is also good for baby's emotional development. Babies are able to quickly develop a sense of security and trust when they are carried. They are more likely to be securely attached to their care-giver/s and often become independent at an earlier age.

Baby K'tan is offering 10% off to all Clean readers until May 1. Use coupon code "LUSAKTAN".


Kangaroo Korner Interview

The fleece pouch is another carrier that I have not had the pleasure to use. Below is my interview with the owner of Kangaroo Korner. I especially love what she said regarding tips for beginners.

Clean: What makes your carrier one of the best?
Our Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Pouches are snug yet not constricting so you are easily able to wear your child and have two hands free to accomplish almost any task. Unlike non-adjustable pouches, our Adjustable Pouches are designed to grow with your baby and will accommodate your changing size due to a pregnancy. Each pouch has 4 rows of adjustment – for one low price, you are essentially receiving 4 pouches in 1! 
Clean: Why do you believe caregivers wear their babies?
Less crying, fussiness & frustration. Less boredom. Protection from overstimulation. Encourages a healthy dependency. Less clingy as baby gets older. Benefits special needs babies. Counteracts sibling rivalry. Promotes bonding. Better for baby's back and legs. Allows for richer stimulation. Improves motor skills and muscle tone. Easier on baby's digestive system. Breastfeeding friendly. Gentle on parent's back. 
Clean: Any babywearing tips for beginners?
Move. While eventually you will be able to putter around the house with your baby in the sling, at first your baby needs the steady rhythm of your walking. As soon as you slip your baby into the sling, start walking! Pacing in the living room is OK, walking outside or at a shopping mall is even better. The new environment will distract your baby, allowing him or her to become used to the snugness of the sling. Next to finding a comfortable position, this is probably the single most important factor in successful babywearing! 

Clean: What else should we know about your company or babywearing in general?

We are a locally owned and operated company. All of our products are manufactured in Minnesota where our employees are all paid a living wage. In addition, we have donated hundreds of Adjustable Pouches to Family Medical Center in inner-city Minneapolis, a clinic that serves low-income families.

Kangaroo Korner is offering Clean readers 25% off of any purchase of Kangaroo Korner brand items during the month of April. Please use coupon code "April25%".


66 thoughts on “Babywearing Celebration Day 3: Your Secret Weapon

  1. sarah says:

    thank you! i was born in kenya, where all babies are carried on their mama’s back, and so was I. now, my daughter and i go everywhere together with her in a carrier; i love how she can see the world with the security of being next to me.

  2. Katrina Klauer says:

    With 3 boys and only partially baby carrying I wish I could really get into a groove. I also have a hold me cuddle me baby which Equals messy house
    problem I am having with my carriers and I have a lot (a wrong size OTSBH, a meitei, ergo, snuggli, regular ring sling, a hotsling) is that I feel like he is still not close enough that I don’t trust letting my hands free. I have a short torso comparitavely.. So I am just wondering if I need the extra wrap arounds mine don;t provide for extra secure feeling or what to do?

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    I can imagine that it all feels rather overwhelming. First is to acknowledge that your hose may be messy for a while. And thats fine. Dont hold yourself to unrealistic standards. We got into FlyLady ( for a while when things felt out of control and the routine/rhythm it created was helpful in managing the chaos. For a hug-me-close baby a Moby-type wrap would be my first choice. You can cinch is tight enough to satify the swaddle needs of a baby that age. You could also try to do a modified swaddle (torso only or torso/arms only) and then wear your baby in the sling. Good luck! Hopefully others will chime in with their thoughts.


  4. Natalie says:

    I wanted to wear my baby because I hated the idea of putting him down and leaving him while I did things. Later, once I got the hang of things, I continued because I loved the bonding. Now, with two kids under 2 `1/2, I continue for those reasons and for the convenience. I can do so much more because of babywearing! I loved this post! And thanks for the giveaways, too… very fun! 🙂

  5. Morgan says:

    Oh wonderful! I saw someone wearing the Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch only last weekend and didn’t get a chance to ask where they got it! It looked very cozy on such a chilly wet Oregon day. I’ve also looked at the Baby K’tan but forgot about it until just now seeing again. These are all so neat – I have a feeling I might have an entire collection by the time this babe is born!

  6. Christina says:

    I was “inspired” to start babywearing, when I needed to vacuum. Just a couple of months old, I realized I had to find something to help me get a little time back to get things in order, all the while not leave my lovely alone and crying. It was a win/win for both of us.

  7. Kathy says:

    I’ve been wearing my friend’s baby occasionally when she’s over for me to babysit. I love the way it feels, and I can’t wait to try it with my own babe.

  8. katy says:

    our family just became four! we have a very happy 21 month old boy and now a sixweek old little man!! the first dozen times my new little went into the sling my big boy wanted to get in as well, we now have to manage keeping them both happy and is amazing how wearing your child builds both independence and a love of snuggling

  9. Cassandra says:

    Okay, I love the concept behind this FlyLady site you mentioned Rachel! I am definitely going to read what she has to say. I think you could devote a week to that subject too!

  10. Colleen D. says:

    I recently borrowed a sling from a friend. I have found it very helpful to have my littlest (3 weeks old) so close while reading stories and helping my two year old fall asleep at night.

  11. Lisa Hanson says:

    I want to be a Super Mama! And give my tired arms a break from 3 months of holding. This week’s blog has inspired me to find a better sling and start my babywearing adventure!

  12. Jennifer Watson says:

    I think it’s awesome that Kangaroo Korner has donated so many pouches!! I love that extra thoughtfulness because as a low-income mom to be myself I am so excited to try babywearing but definitely wondering about fitting it into the budget. I am glad they made it possible for so many other families 🙂

  13. lisset says:

    the baby k’tan looks so cool. i would love a chance to try it out. what an ingenious idea to combine all the great things about the different type of carriers in to one! keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  14. Leslie says:

    I wanna be a super mom too! With so many options out there, how do you possible pick the right one without breaking the bank to try them out? Everyone has their own opinion on which carrier is the best. It’s a bit overwhelming!

  15. caitlin says:

    I felt exactly the same way. I wanted to hibernate with my newborn, but since I needed to emerge and face the laundry, baby wearing has been the next best thing!

  16. Kara Jeffries says:

    I so much enjoy wrapping-up my baby and wearing him everywhere I go! I use a Moby wrap, and have since sewed a couple on my own of the same styling, different colors 🙂

    I must say though, starting off it just didn’t feel “right.” First off, I was shocked at how long the material was. The length worked out to be just right for me, but I’d get tangled up in it in the process of putting it on. Also, I was most interested in using it for feeding. In my mind, I could just pop the boob in his mouth and go about my merry way. I’ve still not mastered the breastfeeding in the wrap! It seemed like his head wasnt supported enough, and he was getting squished into me so I gave that up. Then, I was lucky enough to get a hand me down Bjorn carrier. I was super excited, because they seem like THE essential baby carrier and was planning on purchasing one. After using it however, I discovered it wasn’t quite right for my body (or for anyone with breasts, I would imagine.) I do still use it, mainly for shopping excursions because I have a better range of motion.
    So, with patience and a lot of persistance, I’ve become pretty good with the wrap. I still take him out for feeding time, but he goes right back in when he’s done and usually gets lulled to sleep. I most enjoy hiking with him in it, to watch him gaze around in wonderment, and to be able to comfortably go as long as he is up for it!

  17. Rachel Wolf says:

    Great tip – a quick dry sling! I did EC with a mei tai for a while, but it was too much unwrapping (and long dragging straps when we did EC outside) so we switched to the Ergo. Blessings!

  18. Rachel Wolf says:

    Find a great show and test drive them! And talk to other moms. And sew a few of your own if you are inspired to try them on the cheap.

  19. Sara says:

    I’m pretty curious to get out and try on the baby k’tan – how is it that I have never seen this one before? Thanks for bringing it to my awareness! I love that it seems to be so similar to the concept of the Moby but sans the yards (and yards and yards) of fabric. I too adored using the Moby when our daughter was young ( and loved that it works for both my husband who is 6’3″ and me 5’4″) but have to say there were certainly moments of frustration in those early days as she was on the couch crying and I was lost in a jumble of Moby fabric!

  20. Liz says:

    I can really relate with this post. I first started wearing my son because there came a point when I had to get up and attempt to do something around the house, when all I really wanted to do was sit, stare at him, and nurse, and I couldn’t even think about putting him down. I then fell head over heels in love with wearing him. The closeness and freedom was amazing! I’m now 8 months pregnant, my son just turned 2, and I know babywearing will help allow me to tune in with both of the kids. I’ve never used or seen a Baby K’tan or Kangaroo Korner Pouch. I’d love to try one!!!

  21. Courtney Stern says:

    Wearing my little one saved my life. For the first month after he was born I had family staying with me at all times…I never cooked a meal, did a load of laundry, or anything of the sort. The day after the last houseguest (my mom) left, I had a breakdown. It was 3pm and I hadn’t eaten anything yet – not good for a nursing mama! My baby boy cried as I slapped together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the tears running down my face also. The next morning I got up, put on my Moby wrap, snugged him next to my body, and made eggs and toast for breakfast. I wore him everyday from then on, and never went hungry again!

  22. Jami Delgado says:

    I started babywearing out of necessity, too. I needed to get things done, but didn’t want to put down my baby for fear that I might fall into postpartum depression (which happened with my first). Babywearing has made me a better mother.

  23. Tania says:

    I love the first story!! That so describes how I feel about my babywearing experience. It has allowed me to accomplish so much and also meet my childrens needs. Don’t get me wrong, I still need to slow down and focus on taking care of my kids and family, but it has allowed me to take my children places that normally it would have been difficult to go. 🙂

  24. twigandtoadstool says:

    Would love to win. I firmly believe that you can’t have too many baby carriers!! (we’re also going to be starting a baby carrier co-op/share in our community, to help introduce moms to the concept of baby carrying)…would love to win!!!

  25. Rachel Wolf says:

    Your story gave me goosebumps. I remember not eating for hours and hours when Sage was small and I was afraid to put him down and afraid to try our carriers again. I got REALLY skinny REALLY fast. Not a good nursing-mama scene at all. So stressful… until I figured out the sling.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  26. Gloria says:

    I loved wearing my baby – it’s such a great way to stay close and to get things done at the same time.

  27. Devon Kinne says:

    I wear my baby because I have to, and because I love the comfort it gives both of us. You can’t chase around a 2 and a 4 year old just holding a newborn, but you can with the newborn wrapping securely to you. My KKAFP was a godsend when my youngest was born.

    A hope I have – that I can find a baby carrier that works for every person I meet, so all new babies will know the comfort that comes from being worn.

  28. Jennifer says:

    My babies have always loved to beheld none stop until they are at least 18 months old. I had a hard time getting much done with the first two, so by number three I know I had to figure something out. That brought me into the babywearing world. I have had the pleasure of wearing my last two babies and love every minute.

  29. Shana says:

    I remember my first “hands-free” days with my newborn snuggled against me in our wrap. Amazing how attending to the details of everyday life became such major accomplishments…

  30. melissa says:

    I was able to wear my son while he was little but he really is a very active 2 year old now and I miss that time with him, I’m hoping that with #2 on the way we’ll also have a good babywearing experience

  31. alli davis says:

    the baby k’tan is the only way in the afternoons and evenings my baby will sleep.the first 5 weeks were so physically and emotionally draining for me. trying to get her to sleep.thanks to babywearing she sleeps and my home is happy again

  32. Christina Wills says:

    Our first baby is joining us in July. I see so many people wearing their babies and they look extremely content. I am excited to wear my little bundle. I have registered for the slings you are giving away, so maybe I will just win one! That would be great!

  33. Holly Avondet says:

    I had a great sling for carrying my first son, who is now 5 and I am looking forward to baby wearing with my twins that are due in June!

  34. Shelley says:

    I love my Baby Ktan. My daughter is 8 weeks and I have 3 year old, so it is much easier to carry the little one.

  35. says:

    Putting on my baby k’tan IS like putting on my SuperMom Cape! I feel and CAN do EVERYTHING with it.

    Load and unload laundry; fold laundry; take out the trash; water the plants; do my morning dance workout; breastfeed or make a bottle; feed her a bottle with one hand and eat my lunch with the other! Those are just a few of the daily tasks possible with the baby k’tan at home. I <3 it for travel. i ditch the stroller. we love it for going to festivals! well, i can go on & on, but I think you get the picture. 😉

  36. Tawnya Howe says:

    I absolutely LOVE baby wearing! I am a mom of twins and from the time they were born was able to wear them both with the baby k’tan double sling. I also do in home daycare and baby wearing provides me with the ability to be attentive to the other childrens needs as well. I cant express enough the satisfaction myself and my twins get from baby wearing!

  37. Lilypad Mom says:

    I have a 4.5 year old who I waited too long to try to wear. I now have a 12 day old who already loves being snuggled up in the Baby K’Tan carrier. It was wonderful to be able to run around and play with my older daughter at the park while the baby slept curled up against me. All the different carry positions of the K’Tan will be wonderful as she gets older. The Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch is the other carrier that I have been considering, I want something simple to slip the baby into for quick runs into the store etc. I have heard so many positive things about it and I have been putting aside money to purchase one soon.

  38. Lilypad Mom says:

    I have a 4.5 year old who I waited too long to try to wear. I now have a 12 day old who already loves being snuggled up in the Baby K’Tan carrier. It was wonderful to be able to run around and play with my older daughter at the park while the baby slept curled up against me. All the different carry positions of the K’Tan will be wonderful as she gets older. The Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch is the other carrier that I have been considering, I want something simple to slip the baby into for quick runs into the store etc. I have heard so many positive things about it and I have been putting aside money to purchase one soon.

  39. Teri says:

    The Baby K’Tan was a lifesaver when my twins were small. One just wanted to be held. I did wear them both a few times. I still use it a lot for one or the other and they are 1 year old – lets me feel sturdy while grabbing both, or lets me run after the 3 year old. It’s so comfortable. I got mine as a gift and would love to have my friends enjoy one too!

  40. Stephie says:

    Would love to try out a Kangaroo sling or the k’tan. I wonder if the K’tan would be a good option for those that want a moby like closeness but are afraid of 15 ft of fabric?

  41. C. George says:

    Another super mum here, hehe. As a mum of 6, with the 7th little tiebreaker in the making (well, at least I think it’s just one in there), babywearing, or kiddowearing, is the only way to get through the days sometimes.
    I started when I had a 15 yo., a 5 yo. and two newborns. I had to carry at least one of the babies all the time, and often both of them, to get anything done. Babywearing was my lifesaver. Two years later, when the next little one came along, it was still lifesaving!

    And besides that, I really love having that little, warm body (or two) strapped on me. The closeness is so good for both kiddo/s and me. Or the dad, he also loves babywearing. I totally melt, like almost every day, when I see him carrying a kiddo.

    Great for hikes too, can’t bring strollers everywhere, so strap them on!
    One of our 6 yos. is very sick, and she can’t walk long distances, and you can’t even bring her wheel chair everywhere. So we put her in a carrier, and then she can come with us everywhere! We’d miss out on so much if we didn’t have carriers. 😀

  42. Rachel Wolf says:

    Fear not the fabric! The first few times the wrapping is a little confusing. Just go slow. Its worth going to a good store that sells them and trying one on. They are ridiculously comfortable one you get the hang of the wrapping.


  43. Deanna "Dee Dee" Gile says:

    Hi there! I hav been reviewing baby carriers to assist me in carrying my special needs toddler. She does not have any neck or trunk support and she is getting very heavy for me to carry around supporting all her weight. I actually made a phone call to Baby K’Tan and the inventor actually called me back personally to discuss how the K’Tan carrier could help me. I was so amazed by the level of customer service as well as the understanding she had for my situation. Unfortunately I have not been able to afford to buy one yet and am so hoping to win this contest! Love, Dee Dee

  44. Angela says:

    So many things to do and places to go! I am trying to master all kinds of things with him in tow… We go hiking, run errands, buy groceries ect. I would love for my husband to enjoy it to! I think he might enjoy a k’tan, I know I love mine! But i’m always open to trying others!

  45. Hanna says:

    I love that I learned about all the baby options when I had baby #2… I don’t know if I would have ventured into the land of Baby #3 if I had not learned the Love of Babywearing. 🙂

  46. marcy says:

    I started wearing my son, now I’m wearing my daughter. I love the practicality of it, but I really do it because I love being so close to my children. <3

  47. Leslie Kung says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win some slings or the T2T dvd!

    Babywearing is something instinctual that I wanted to do before I ever held my newborn, just like breastfeeding. I knew I wanted to keep my baby safe and close and nurture him through his childhood, but taking the plunge and getting into babywearing has really helped me as a mother.

    Not only that, I’ve been volunteering and teaching for the past many years, advocating for moms and babies to use slings and carriers safely and comfortably, so babywearing has allowed me a direction and an outlet to give back to the world.

    Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

  48. Mamatoto says:

    I love the Baby K’Tan!! It’s kind of like a Moby Wrap without the wrapping. The Moby Wrap was our go-to carrier for the first 10 months of my baby’s life outside the womb. But when you’ve got a screaming baby it’s nice to be able to get a baby carrier on in less than 5 seconds, as opposed to 25 seconds. And ever second counts with a screaming baby at hand! The two Baby K’Tan bands form an X on the front and back of your body similar to a Moby. I wouldn’t recommend the Baby K’Tan for long periods of time because it doesn’t provide as much support as a Moby does for hours on end, but it’s a great around-the-house or quick walk around the neighborhood carrier.

  49. Katie says:

    Does anyone have any tips on how to breastfeed while in a carrier? We can’t get the hang of it.

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