Quick kid’s shorts and pants.

There has's been allot of sewing going on around here. This means one of two things: A) I am having an unexpected creative spell or B) I am avoiding something. Both are at play here, but the bonus is that my kids are looking cute (though our floors, you will see, are looking dirty).


My kids have plenty of clothes. I am a skilled thrifter and spend almost nothing on their wardrobes. Between thrift-store and rummage sale scores and generous hand-me-downs from friends, they are rarely wanting for clothing.

This has long prevented me from sewing them their own fresh things. My eco-sensibility is that if it already exists we should just use it and call it good enough. But raising my kids wrapped up in clothes lovingly made by me is too enticing to pass up.

Lupine is an easy mark. She always wants new mama made goodies. Sage, however, is a different kid. When I asked him if he wanted new pants he responded that no, he had enough pants and didn't need any from me.

"But some those are ratty," I said.

"So what", he replied. "I like them."

The kid wouldn't budge – until I pulled out his favorite horse fabric and wore him down (you have to know their weaknesses).



These little pants (and the shirt I posted a couple of days ago) provided some much needed training in how to use my new-to-me Singer serger. True love, I tell you. True love.

These were a breeze. I used a pair of stretchy-waist shorts with a good cut for the pattern, added a seam allowance, cut, and stitched. Easy-peasy.

If you need more info just leave a comment here and I would be happy to share some more detailed specifics with you. The serger, but the way, is totally optional here. I used it becasue I have it, but I've made plenty of pants without a serger before.