This Morning.


It is raining.


We woke to thunder before first light and scurried around in the darkness closing windows. (I use "we" loosely. Thanks, Pete.) And here we are again, waiting out another storm. This morning looks very much like any other morning this summer, spent inside in the kitchen, with the laundry tumbling in the dryer instead of dancing on the line. 

Since its a wet day outside and we're hunkered down waiting for the sun, I thought I'd share a peek into my home. An ordinary start to an ordinary day in our world. 

~ * ~* ~ * ~


Always the tea comes first. Lupine sneaks a small cup of "Mama Tea" each morning (a cup of warm milk with four spoonfuls of black tea and a drop of honey). Herbal for Sage and black tea for Pete and I.



Aprons on the ladies, large and small (and occasionally one for Sage) as we get breakfast underway. (Mine was a gift from my 94 year old great aunt. Her mother wore it in the 1920's.)




Breakfast is usually something Sally Fallon would approve of. On most days it was started the night before. Today is was overnight pancakes. I grind fresh spelt flour and soak it in homemade yogurt overnight. The results are light, digestible, nutritious pancakes that are beyond delicious. You can use store-bought flour (wheat, spelt, or otherwise) with fantastic results too. (I found a copy of the recipe over here if you want to give them a try.)


Sunflowers decorate the table, from the eternal sunflower crop that is my garden. Grandma Lee's special holiday silverware graces out table each day, along with our rummage sale dishes.


And always, always art and homeschooling supplies close at hand. We have no schedule. No agenda. Just tea, breakfast, and drawing until the clouds clear and we can get the second load of laundry out into the sunshine.