This Morning.


It is raining.


We woke to thunder before first light and scurried around in the darkness closing windows. (I use "we" loosely. Thanks, Pete.) And here we are again, waiting out another storm. This morning looks very much like any other morning this summer, spent inside in the kitchen, with the laundry tumbling in the dryer instead of dancing on the line. 

Since its a wet day outside and we're hunkered down waiting for the sun, I thought I'd share a peek into my home. An ordinary start to an ordinary day in our world. 

~ * ~* ~ * ~


Always the tea comes first. Lupine sneaks a small cup of "Mama Tea" each morning (a cup of warm milk with four spoonfuls of black tea and a drop of honey). Herbal for Sage and black tea for Pete and I.



Aprons on the ladies, large and small (and occasionally one for Sage) as we get breakfast underway. (Mine was a gift from my 94 year old great aunt. Her mother wore it in the 1920's.)




Breakfast is usually something Sally Fallon would approve of. On most days it was started the night before. Today is was overnight pancakes. I grind fresh spelt flour and soak it in homemade yogurt overnight. The results are light, digestible, nutritious pancakes that are beyond delicious. You can use store-bought flour (wheat, spelt, or otherwise) with fantastic results too. (I found a copy of the recipe over here if you want to give them a try.)


Sunflowers decorate the table, from the eternal sunflower crop that is my garden. Grandma Lee's special holiday silverware graces out table each day, along with our rummage sale dishes.


And always, always art and homeschooling supplies close at hand. We have no schedule. No agenda. Just tea, breakfast, and drawing until the clouds clear and we can get the second load of laundry out into the sunshine.

15 thoughts on “This Morning.

  1. Lori says:

    Very nice rachel. We start our day with tea as well (my 6 year old daughter and I). I look forward to the time our breakfast is done – then its time for my sons (he’s 7 months old) morning nap so we sit and cuddle on the sofa and he falls asleep nursing (people say I’m not suppose to let him do that anymore so naughty me) – its just so sweet though. Have a relaxing rest of the day 🙂

  2. denise says:

    Beautiful! I love dark rainy mornings. My boys are complaining (they wanted to go to the pool again), but not me.

    I can’t ever bring myself to cut my sunflowers – the bees love them, and then the birds go crazy, happily singing as they pick the seeds from the heads until they are completely bare. They are so beautiful though, and perfect for the table!

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    What a sweet morning rhythm you have! Oh and the people who say a baby shouldnt be nursed into blissful slumber? I say smile and nod… and nurse that baby to sleep for as long as you can. As you already know, hell be big in no time.

    ~ Rachel

  4. Casey says:

    Lori — if you’re naughty then so am I, as my 9mo still nurses to sleep each and every day. My 2.5yo did, too.

    We spent this rainy stormy morning in downtown Madison cuddling in bed while the boys slept in (8am!) as my husband blissfully has the day off. Breakfast was peanut butter on toast and a mango smoothie made into popsicles. (Oh, to be 2 again!) Coffee for mama and daddy. I now have a sleeping baby on my lap and the big boys are making pie crusts for apple and fresh cherry pies.

  5. Rachel Wolf says:

    Weve had plenty this season (the dark and rainy mornings), Denise. I also love the rain. Ive had to take a slash-and-burn approach to the sunflowers. Last year we never cut one. This year we cut the ones that are laying in the yard or leaning against the garage. So many. SO many!!! 🙂 Rachel

  6. Cassandra says:

    Your mornings sound so lovely!Even though I have to rush off to work in the morning, I do take the time to sit at table with my boys and have a laugh or two while we eat our breakfast. It’s always fun to hear what plans the 3 yr old comes up with for his day. Daddy is the lucky one who gets to enjoy them until I get home from work!

  7. Emmy says:

    What a wonderful morning rhythm you have. Its such a luxury to have a slow start to your day, isn’t it. And I’ll join the naughty mamas group, I nurse my 9 mo. old to sleep too.

  8. Flo says:

    what a beautiful morning picture, Rachel! Oh, and that apron, lovely with so much history!

    Naughty mommas? Count me in. My son is 2 and still nurses like a baby!

    -Flo (who’s anxious for her LuSa goodies to arrive at the door.)

  9. Nahuatl Vargas says:

    I’m not sure if I have read your blog before, but loved to, the pictures are so pretty, they made me wish to have a home like that, we got lots of rain in here (Costa Rica) and I’m about to give in and take my son to school. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Jodi Anderson says:

    The rain has been utterly oppressive, almost as much so as the humidity. Because of that, life has come to a screeching halt this last month.

    The river was fat days ago and then it rained 18 hours yesterday. I’m sure you’ve seen the forecast for today and tomorrow. o_0

    Brava to you for cooking. Me? Too hot or too sticky.

    Have a sweet weekend. 🙂

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