Watered down.

It hasn’t even been a year.

Ten months ago a 100 year flood raged through our town, and residents and farmers suffered painful losses of home, animals, belongings, crops. 

And here we are again.

As I type a river is rushing down our sidewalk and road. It’s been two days of hard (really hard) rain and the streams are getting fat and the dams are at capacity.

We have some flood-water refugees sleeping in Sage’s room tonight. Their road washed above and below their house and their driveway collapsed. Their dad brought them to our car by four-wheeler so they could feel safe and dry and sleep better than with the river raging beneath their window (he stayed home to monitor the sump-pump and bail water). 

Mother Earth isn’t so happy these days. I am sending her (and all of my wet neighbors) love this night. My dreams go out for a sun-filled morning and a better tomorrow – for the farmers, the townies, and the planet.

Blessings on our sump pump.



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