Handmade Gnome Hats.

The kids were playing Gnome this weekend, something they do often, and I offered up hats. I had a felted red sweater in my stash (with flashy gold buttons that
Sage quickly gathered for his Flashy-Gold-Button Collection).

We cut
and we stitched and we laughed and then…



I was in the company of two wee garden gnomes all day.


They couldn't have been happier, and the hats couldn't have been simpler. The sweater was a cardigan, and I used one sleeve and one side of the front for each hat. Lupine wore hers with great seriousness all day. Each time we would go outside she would shout "Gnoooooome hat! My gnoooooomie hat!" and run to her hat basket to collect it. (She refuses to keep it with our costumes. She keeps it with her sunhats.)

May your week bring some beautifully simple craft surprises your way!

5 thoughts on “Handmade Gnome Hats.

  1. andrea says:

    rachel! i just got my red wool sweater in the mail today from the wooly baby slipper lady! so any advice you can give in the way of a brief tutorial on this would be appreciated! i think i’ll have my mom do it for me. i don’t want to muck up the sweater! thanks!
    (or you could just post it on your facebook page for lusa)

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