Nature Magic.

We love to canoe. Before having children, Pete and I would frequent the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area for quiet weeks of camping, fishing, and paddling. It is where we spent our honeymoon, and a place we are excited to return to with out kids.  Just recently we were discussing a return trip this very summer. The Boundary Waters – or any water where your paddle can quietly dip into glassy waters is filled with nature magic.

But we won't be using the canoe anytime soon (in the Boundary Waters or elsewhere).

It's occupied.




A round-bellied mama robin chose one of our thwarts as the perfect perch to lay her eggs. It's awfully near the garden and the playhouse and the path around the garage, so I hope she sticks around. All of this homeschooling commotion might be a bit much for an nervous new mama.

We look forward to the sound of our paddles dipping into the water this spring, but we're happy to wait. Mama robin has brought a different kid of nature magic to our gunnels.

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