Patchwork Table Runner (now what?)


I love the spontaneity of an out-of-my-head craft project. But, um, now what?


I currently have four (yes, four) unfinished quilt projects in the works:

1. The robot quilt, so long in the works that its been rejected by its recipient as "too babyish".

2. A cowboy quilt made for a child who was hospitalized but was released before I figured out how to put it together. That was (ehem) almost three years ago.

3. A  quilted mattress for Lupine's doll bed  edited: completed late last night! One down, three to go!

4. This table runner.

What comes next? I have lots of unhelpful books on the subject, but none of them address fly-by-your-undies patternless crafting and the wonky non-squareness that results (at least in this craft room). Any guidance out there? How on earth do I square this up and get quilting?

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