Baby Care Recipe: Baby’s Bath Bundle

When we were first starting our body care business we made a lovely product called "Baby's Bath Bundle". Made with organic oatmeal, and calendula and lavender blossoms it was a wonderful alternative to soap for newborns. (Yes, despite what you may have heard, babies don't need soap. Soapless washing is best for their fresh, tender skin.)


We discontinued the Bath Bundle, but this week I have had two customers asking for them. Ideal for any skin (young or old), Bath Bundle is gentle, moisturizing, and lovely.

I recommend organic for all ingredients. Dried herbs can be purchased through your local food coop in their medicinal herbs section, or online through



2 C rolled oats (quick rolled oats are preferred, but use what you have)

1/2 C dried calendula flowers

1/4 C dried lavender flowers

1/4 C dried chamomile flowers

Essential oils (any, all or none – avoid for babies under 6 months):

four drops lavender EO

one drop patchouli EO

Place all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. Stir with clean hands or a wooden spoon to combine. Add essential oils and stir to combine. Store is a glass jar with a tight fitting lid in a dry, dark location. Bath Bundle will last at least 1 year.


Using your Bath Bundle is easy. There are two methods. Try both and choose your favorite.

Method 1: Tea Bag Brewing- Fill a reusable cloth tea bag with approximately 1/4 C Bath Bundle. Hold bag under running bath water and squeeze and massage to release soothing elements. (You can make your own tea bag by tying a double layer of cheesecloth into a pouch with string or by sewing muslin into a small drawstring bag).

Method 2: Loose Brewing – Scoop 1/4 C bath bundle into a teapot or cooking pot. Fill pot with hot water, cover, and steep until cool. Strain and press out any water. Add to your bath.

Bath Bundle is compostable after use, and if you choose the Tea Bag method of brewing you can also compost your worn cotton tea bags.





5 thoughts on “Baby Care Recipe: Baby’s Bath Bundle

  1. LaLibertad says:

    We loved these as the boy had terrible eczema his first year of life. He still has “hot spots” during the winter (ahem, now) and I think we may need to go back to this for the colder months to keep his skin in check. Thank you!

  2. Jess says:

    In lieu of a tea bag, cheesecloth, or muslin, may I recommend a (clean) old sock? Inside out, it doubles as a washcloth.

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