Natural Celebrations: Child’s Third Birthday.

Lupine turned three yesterday. 


Our celebration was small, quiet, and perfectly suited for a small person gently growing bigger. We celebrated with our usual birthday traditions, which have evolved beautifully over the past seven years since our family of two began to grow.


Lupine's Birthday Crown (based loosely on this design and made by my crafty sister) was waiting for her on her chair in the morning. She had chosen her meals for the day (Otherwise know as all around Europe in three breakfasts: French crepes for breakfast, Jewish noodle kugel for lunch, and Belgian waffles for dinner).


We gave her two gifts: a Pete- and Sage-made wooden refrigerator (that
she is unwrapping above) and a felted flower fairy crown by Haddy2dogs.


We gathered with three friends (one for each year of her life) to celebrate with free play, a story, candles, and birthday cake pie.


The story (which I mentioned briefly in this post) is written specifically for each child. In the Waldorf tradition they are "Rainbow Bridge Stories",
and I can share ours if you are interested. The story has become my
version of the baby book I never finished – a year by year journey
through my children's lives. The good stuff. The candles are lit one-by-one as the child's story of birth and first years unfolds.




After her story we blesses her with our wishes as she made her own, and then tucked into pumpkin pie (still warm and made with volunteer pie pumpkins from our garden). A homegrown, magical day for our homegrown, magical girl.

5 thoughts on “Natural Celebrations: Child’s Third Birthday.

  1. Sara says:

    Thank you for the inspiration 🙂 My daughter turns two on Sunday (eeek, and her doll is still waiting for his clothes!) I would love to read Lupine’s story as I have been meaning to do something similar.

    certainly looked like Lupine’s day was full of sweetness, love and magic.

  2. Julie says:

    I would love to hear your stories as well! I have recently begun reading your blog and it is beautiful and inspiring. I am really excited to have found you!

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