Weekend in the Garden.

I began Sunday morning seated on the kitchen floor, emptying our Homeschool Chest (where we store our art and craft supplies) out onto the floor. It was time to get organized. Mountains of paper, yarn, roving, paints, and pencils rose up around me.

But then…I looked outside.

The sun found its was back to our yard that moment, and I lost my enthusiasm on Homeschool organization.

We spent most of the day outside, in our bliss in the yard and the sunshine. There was even some gardening still to be done, nearly forgotten/abandoned in the cold autumn we've had.



I had purchased some bulbs at our coop over a month ago, but then it
snowed. In October. I lost my enthusiasm until I stepped outside yesterday to a
warm breeze and sun on my face. We had just been reading A Gardener's Alphabet, and B is for Bulb. I promised the kids some time with the bulb planter.



After running wildly around the yard in bare feet, they dug their sandals out of the box of summer shoes in the basement and got busy digging. We were out for hours, my organizing project left scattered across the kitchen floor (such things can wait). I didn't try to lure them back inside. The more time out in the air, grounding in the earth the better. Especially in the fall. There will be plenty of days spent inside in the coming months.


We even pulled out the picnic quilt (a tattered vintage piece I thrifted years ago) for a picnic on the grass. (I am hopeless when it comes to tattered vintage quilts. True love.) By seven PM they were both weary and collapsed into the sleep that only comes with a day out in the fresh air.

Oh, how I love you sun-drenched autumn days. Thanks for the encore.



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